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Price of Publishing…

There’s a huge debate going on at the moment regarding what an author should or shouldn’t pay out for publishing their work. For me personally, it’s all about perspective.

Oh, and what you can afford, of course.

Self-publishing is all about doing it for yourself. There are costs involved because you are in charge of everything, from finding a cover design to getting the manuscript edited.

First off, this is what I paid to get my novella self-published:

  • £0.00 for cover design and artwork. I am fortunate enough to know an artist, who, as a favour to me, is currently providing me with covers for zero cost.
  • £122 for professional editing. I had slight issues with the edit as I didn’t feel there was a good rapport between me and the editor and that they didn’t quite get what my story was about or understand my style of writing.
  • £0.00 for producing the ebook. I closely followed formatting guidlines for Amazon.
  • £0.00 for producing a print on demand paperback through Createspace. I have used this companies free ISBN, for now, as I am not trying to get my book into bookstores or a library. This is because I don’t feel I am ready for that step, yet.
  • £0.00 spent on marketing. I have used KDP’s free promotions. This is mainly down to the fact that I didn’t have the budget to do anything, except promote through social media. I did, however, buy a couple of copies of my book and did a signed-book giveaway and so far have gained a really good review from that competition.

This is what I could afford. It isn’t a guidline or even a recommendation of how to self-publish. Everyone does what they can and what they believe is relevant to themselves.

I have plans. So many plans, for how I will publish my next book and what I will do.

I am going to use a book template in order to make sure the paperback version is even better than my novella. I’ve studied and learnt even more about formatting. I’ve joined Reedsy in the hopes it may come in handy for finding an editor. I DON’T have much of a budget, but I am looking at some paid marketing through Amazon and also going to markets/cons in order to sell my work myself. (this is for next year, when I have more books under my belt) I DO believe in having my work professionaly edited because there are issues I may skim over or perhaps not notice a weak sentence or piece of overwriting.


That’s not to say people should give up. A dream is always worth chasing.

This is only my simple opinion. Others may differ and that is all to the good.

Thanks for reading 🙂


9 thoughts on “Price of Publishing…

  1. I’ve noticed you’ve said several times that you’ve had problems finding an editor? Yesterday I actually came across a list of good editors by a writer whose work I really respect, and I thought you might be interested. I don’t know anything about them personally, but Ms. Weiland was an editor herself and she really recommends them. Here’s the link, case you’re interested! Good luck in your search!

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