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A Novel Construction

The title of this post is somewhat misleading. I’m not here to tell anyone how to formulate or create a story and even less how to write a book. All I can say, is how I do things.

  • My brain cells hubble and bubble and stew up an idea
  • I take notes. (if the idea is sound, it gets its own notebook)
  • Beginning, middle and end is pretty important
  • First draft is constructed, with a lot ot writerly scaffolding
  • I do an edit of my own and then do rewrites
  • Final draft, proofread and edit
  • The task of finding a professional editor begins
  • Print off manuscript, go through suggested edits and any rewrites
  • Get the finalised cover design and blurb completed
  • Create an ebook version
  • Do a PDF and go through the Createspace process
  • The end…Or is it the beginning?

Now…Updates for Oath of God

This is my second project for this year and so far it’s stuck out in the creative hinterlands, keeping company with research on Japanese swords and Mythology. However, I’ve made the possibly fated (I know, I know…no such thing) decision to download the free trial of Scrivener. I’ve been going through the tutorial, which at a few points has left me cross-eyed and in desperate need of a strong cup of tea! I have tried to use Scrivener before, a few years ago, and couldn’t get my head around all the jargon and it didn’t have all the templates it does now. This time around, I am determined to use the novel template and formatting tools in order to try and organise my writing better than my current formula. Once, I get a handle on Scrivener, I’m going to use the program to write Oath of God, after Wolf Born is complete and published.

If anyone has any advice on Scrivener, I’d appreciate that.

Copy Editing and Proofreading

I’ve finally found a couple of possible courses relating to the above topic, which I am planning on completing this year.

 After which, I’d like to be able to offer copy editing and proofreading services. This is mainly down to a bad editing experience I had recently and while I will still need an outisde professional to edit my own work, I’m hoping to help out others with editing at an affordable price and with a reliable and customer focused service.

I have a practical background and certified qualification in Admin and helped my husband with that side of the business he ran until a year ago. This will help me with organisation, and my creative writing course should fill in the gaps. While the editing and proofreading qualification will allow me to assist writers with their projects.

And Finally…Wolf Born  

Well…I’m a little stuck at the moment. I’ve got issues with a few characters and they’re being stubborn to the point of obnoxious (that’s only the writer’s opinion, of course).

I’m tweeking a few changes and adding details to the draft, which I don’t generally do during the first run through.

I have a weakness for underwriting in certain places because I have the idea in my head and just assume everyone else is psychic and will know what I’m going on about.

This is why I need editing and proofreading services 🙂

I’m still under 30,000 words at the moment and trapped in limbo.

It usually works itself out. In the end. I hope…  😉

Thanks for reading and if anyone has comments, then by all means, send and ask away.


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