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Well, basically, I’m way behind. Not a little bit or even a smidge. My deadline has been screwed up and tossed out the window. It’s out there, right now, weeping in the rain.

Okay. So, a little melodramatic, but you get the gist. I’m sure there are writers/authors out there who know what I’m talking about. Right? Especially, self-published authors, who have to rely on goals they set for themselves and who may or may not also have a full-time ‘day’ job, out there in the hinterlands of reality. Also known as, everyday life.

There are quite a few authors and writers I know who are furiously typing away, on their fourth book, or working on their second, whilst getting out the odd short story or novella in between. I admire those who can get it done. It being writing and producing readable books, which are also enjoyable. I get excited when writers and authors I chat to on Twitter or Facebook get a publishing deal or are going solo (also known as Indie Publishing) and those who are having a go at both.

I enjoy helping out wherever I can. If someone asks me to beta read, I’ll stick up my hand, or answer the email/poll to volunteer. I always endeavor to answer any comments I may recieve. I want to be accessible and approachable because there’s nothing worse than going onto a blog and leaving a comment (as suggested) and then, despite friendly overtures by the said author, there is no reply at all, no feedback, or simply a terse yes/no answer. I don’t like following someone and they bombard my inbox with adverts for their own book without even asking, or adding a ‘friend’ and all they want is praise for their own work, and give nothing, not even decent conversation to the mix. One-sided relationships are not my thing. I will always be honest, but sometimes that comes across as me being aggresive or too forward. Sadly, it’s why so many friendships come to an end.

It’s why certain projects fall flat on their face. And why some folks can’t get on.

I love being able to talk to people who understand what it’s like to be a writer and who get the jargon, the stress, the joy and yes, even the sadness. (like when you think why bother).

Writing and being published is an accomplishment for me personally.

I was determined to get my stories out there and even see them in print.

I know, I’ve got a lot to discover about self-publishing, such as, trying Scrivener for a second time and seeing if my brain can wrap itself around the tutorial.

I need to be more organised. (the cry of many folks juggling the endless list of etc.)

Wolf Born is set to be a full-length novel of at least 100,000 words, give or take a few. There are a lot of timelines to keep track of and characters with differing personalities.

And I need to find a reliable editor who won’t snap my shoe string budget!

That being said, It’s thrilling to re-read the beginning of the final draft and sit there biting your fingernails, thinking, oh my, what’s going to happen…And then…Wait, I wrote this?


Thanks all for reading. Feel free to leave comments or maybe add a question…?  


6 thoughts on “Flunking

  1. 100K is awesome!!

    I totally agree with everything you said! I feel bad when I can’t help out a fellow author/writer because I’m too busy with “real life”. It gets in the way sometimes. 😛

    I’m really enjoying Vastian Lore so far. 😀

    1. *phew* That’s good. 🙂
      I’m glad you’re enjoying Vastian Lore. I can’t seem to get to the bottom of my reading list at the moment. Too many good stories out there. Maybe, I should clone myself…? 😉

      1. Hehe! I know exactly how you feel! I have so many books to read that not only do I have enough time to read them all, I can’t decide which one to read next!

  2. This is me right now. My deadline to finish revising is March 6th and I’m only on chapter 11 of 48. It is disappointing when you leave a comment to someone and they don’t reply or barely say anything. Helping another writer is great…I just wish there was more time in the day, either that or I wish I didn’t need to sleep.

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