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I suffer from this quite regularly, when thrust into the limelight of social interaction.

To me, people are confusing, like I’m looking at them through fog or maybe a warped windowpane? I don’t get small-talk about the weather. What’s up with that? I don’t really talk about my kids much. It’s not that I don’t love them, I’m just a private person and I also have other facets to my personality, like hobbies and outside interests. Although, saying that, family takes up at least 80% of my life, which only leaves a sliver of personal time, including the opportunity to write. I’m not one of these bubbly, effervescent people. I’m reserved. On the outside looking in. It’s not that I don’t want friends. It’s just finding the right sort of person who has similar interests and is probably opposite to me in order to counter my quiet nature is often difficult. This is why a lot of the people I talk to are online and live in a different country. I’m a part of several writing/book groups and enjoy interacting with folks who get what I’m talking about when I ramble on about plot devices, character profiles and word counts! My husband is supportive, but even he doesn’t really understand what it’s like to be so frustrated at a difficult scene it makes me want to pull my hair out or just throw my laptop out the nearest window.

(On a sidenote, this word came up on a list from one of the writer groups I’m a member of and I thought, hey that sounds like a good title for a blog and it’s relevant to me)

Just in case anyone reading this post thinks I live in a cave or something. 😀 I’d like to clarify I reside in a world of relative suburbia, although our house is anything but regular. Especially on the inside. I also have outside hobbies, (honest) including gardening and walking (despite my spine making things awkward…Stupid spine, anybody would think I need you!). I also do bowling and have a very nice, brand new custom ball, which my husband bought me for Xmas and has improved my game, meaning I actually win some.

Sometimes, I can do a very good impression of a Grumpy Cat meme.

And my humour can be somewhat acerbic and dry.

A factor in my writing, which I’m sure anyone who’s read my stories can attest to.

Right now, I’m thinking of different ideas to use in my blog to make it more interesting, rather than just me going on about my WIP and how I’ve had to push my deadline back.

Maybe, I could do some book reviews?

I considered blogging about older books I’ve read and reread on a regular basis, such as David Gemmel? David Eddings? Or Chris Bunch? I’m not sure, though.

I don’t want to do ‘writing advice’ because I don’t think I know enough to ‘tutor’ others.

In the past, I’ve blogged about editing and formatting, but it’s not really advice, more like a sharing of general ideas.

I’m sure I’ll come up with something…I hope.



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