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Just realised most of the names for the magical beings in my WIP for Wolf Born start with the same letter. Hmmm…Odd. How’d that happen? Could it be the writer, perchance?

Anyhow, it got me to thinking (a dangerous pastime, I know) how many other writers have an ongoing theme throughout their work? I mean, where do they come from? These ideas? I know, I’ve read quite a few books that have a theme threaded throughout the story and while having the same starting letter isn’t the same, it does gel with the fact that one of the main threads to my work are the forces of magic and the havoc it can wreak on unsuspecting passersby, who’re only trying to mind their own business, not get caught up in a sewer with dead rats floating in the water, wondering how the heck they got there! Many fantasies have a magical element, some more than others. There are stories, which focus on a more politic theme or a war as it’s central conflict.

And there are many to choose from. Even new ones to make up out of whole cloth.

I have to admit, as a reader, I love books that stretch my imagination.

I prefer female characters to have strong, independant roles.

I’d rather forgo stereotypes, if possible.

And I don’t always need a ‘happy-ever-after’ ending.

I love a good series…duology/trilogy/endless books in the same world, if they’re engaging.

I’m a sucker for fantasy books.


Saying all this, as a writer, it’s hard to come up with stories that are both engaging and have the ability to convey the messages I wish other readers to pick up on in my work. There is such a lot of writing ‘advice’ out there, it makes my head spin! I’d rather stick to one piece of commentary I’ve picked up on over the years, ‘write what you’d love to read’. This is something I am attempting to do. There are many pitfalls for a self-published author and it takes a wary eye to avoid the traps along the way. I’m still learning, but one day, I hope to accomplish my dream and create stories worthy of a reader’s enjoyment.

Me when reading a good book! Completely oblivious to everyone. Just me and the story 🙂




Anybody else relate? Please feel free to comment. And thanks for reading 😀


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