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Is A Paperback Version Worth The Stress?


It’s a question that’s always been at the forefront of my mind since I first thought about going down the road to self-publishing. I mean, it’s very nice to have a hard copy in your hands and to read your name on the front cover as the author. However, all the stress of formatting and creating a cover from scratch, something that’s original and unique and doesn’t cost the earth…It’s all so…exhausting. Add that to the fact that selling copies of paperbacks doesn’t really compute to me. It’s all well and good being able to sign your book, giveaway copies and have it on your shelf, but so far, I haven’t been convinced all the work is worth it. The frustration, the hair-pulling stress of being told the PDF isn’t up to scratch, doing it over and over…And then, getting the proof, only to find errors the professional edit should have picked up and didn’t. Doing another proofread and ordering yet another proof…It’s just so much energy to expend on a product that just doesn’t sell all that well, despite the requests for a paperback, the results don’t add up.

Don’t get me wrong, there are indie authors out there who are selling paperback copies and doing very well, but for me personally, I’m still not convinced.

My next book will be a novel-length story and at the moment I don’t know if there will be a paperback version or just an ebook.

In fact, some days, being a writer can be a bit of a downer.

I love to read others work, either traditionally published or indie and there are some amazing writers out there who make me look like total pants, to be honest.

Self-publishing is not for the faint-hearted. It takes dedication and a heck of a lot of stubborness in order to get a book out there, promote, advertise and cram in a lot of gusto that will hook an interested reader and convince them to buy into the story and press that buy/download button. Not to mention the website, blog and admin side of things. Or the fact most people/family/friends don’t get why you’d want to be an author or have these really weird expectations of what it is to publish. I’m not going to be rich, not in the money sense. It’s a personal thing, a desire, a need, an inability to stop thinking about writing and making up stories while out walking and wanting to write them down.

So, while I may ne indescisive about whether I’ll have paperbacks and ebooks, I’ll still write, even if I never self-publish anything for sale.

(This is just my opinion and general griping and others may differ, which is perfectly fine!)

Good wishes to you all and thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Is A Paperback Version Worth The Stress?

    1. True. True. Life has presented me and my family with plenty of hurdles and overcoming them has been a relief/satisfaction related to accomplishment. I’m not about to quit anytime soon! 🙂

  1. I’m working on formatting my new book for paperback. And it’s a little stressful. But I think it will be worth it in the end. 🙂

    Like the new look of the site!

    1. I really don’t envy you that task! It’s a pain, but there are upsides as well as downsides. I was having a bit of a rant. Most likely, I’ll get over myself and give paperback another go for Wolf Born and Oath of God. 🙂
      Cheers! I’ve been wondering whether to change the site’s appearance for a while now and I’ve added a couple of new pages as well.

      1. Me neither! I’ve had to re-learn how to write a manuscript with formatting details already in place, such as indents for new paragraphs, chapter breaks and section breaks. I’ve tried to find a template I could use to save time, but no luck, so far.
        LOL, I do get ranty sometimes, but it’s mainly because I do love to write, but as a mother to three kids, care of the animal menagerie and part-time worker, well, it can be quite hard and stress gets the better of me at times! 🙂

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