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Vastian Lore

complete cover 2

From 3oth January-3rd February, my novella will be available for free download to anyone interested in reading a little known adventure into Gaslight Fantasy. There’s a mixed bag of mages and demons. Creepy tunnels winding through sewers. A powerful sorceress who believes freeing an enemy of the past will serve the future. Switching of allegiances and a ‘hero’ who’d rather crawl down the deepest hole and pull the dirt over his head than deal with his own bloody transgressions.

(This is a small glimpse into the world of my upcoming novel, Wolf Born)

Vastian Lore has been out a few months now. It’s had a some downloads and sold several paperback copies. There’s been giveaways of signed copies and a smattering of reviews, but my favourite has to be the one by Nate Philbrick, which goes into more depth than the others and I believe gives potential readers far more background to go on.

Here’s a little taster: “Vastian Lore is a fast-paced, entertaining story that blows open the doors to a big, big world. Strong characters and intriguing plot elements, while at times overwhelming, will keep you turning (or swiping) pages. I’m looking forward to S. C. Gregory’s work-to-come.”

The rest is available on my blog, reposted from Nate’s original post:

Thanks all for reading 🙂

Thoughts, comments and questions always welcome…



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