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Character Profiles

Memorable characters are an art in themselves…

How can a writer create a realistic persona that is both believeable and intriguing?

For instance, the ‘bad guy/enemy/antagonist’ doesn’t have to be a cardboard steareotype, with the maniacal laughter for added effect. They can be complex. Hard to read. Mortal. With motives that don’t just adhere to killing off the protagonist. Added to which, why does the hero have to follow a rigid path of ‘destiny’? Just because they may or may not get picked by some higher being doesn’t mean they have to agree with any prophecy. They may want to hide or live a ‘normal’ life. And if they have no set fate and are simply thrust into the limelight, so to speak, then they may be a bit reluctant to risk their life for a cause not their own. Not all things are set in stone. Writing a story isn’t either. Oh, there are suggestions, guidlines, self-help books, but these can only set you onto the path, you, as a writer, must decide which direction you wish to go.

Of course, this is only my opinion and others may differ (which is all good). For me personally, I’ve found that whilst some folks may have good ideas, I have to write my stories in my own way and own style, otherwise I find my work is empty and hollow.

Writing a blurb and designing a cover is also difficult, but I try to take inspiration from books I’ve enjoyed reading in the past. The former is something I need to improve. Getting a blurb right, is often more diffucult than writing the story. Condensing all those words into a few sentences can be tricky. The covers, I think, aren’t as bad. I have a great artist on standby, who is currently working on finishing Wolf Born’s cover and one for Oath of God. I’m already working on the blurb for WB as I want it to be as perfect as I can get it before publication. I’m thinking, for the next two books, I may do a glossy cover rather than matte as the writing on the back was a bit murky for my liking (which I’ve noticed on other matte covers as well) and I want a more crisp finish this time around.

I’m slowly getting over my respitory infection and am hoping to be back to writing full-time by next week. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

Thanks for reading. More updates soon… 😀



2 thoughts on “Character Profiles

  1. Writing book blurbs are really hard! I had to sit down the other day and write one for my newest story. I didn’t even know where to start!

    Hope you start feeling better soon! 🙂

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