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Why I Don’t Like Being Ill…



Being unable to write, stay awake or stop coughing up a lung are all reasons why I dislike being ill. That and all the medication. Having a lower respitory infection is not what I had in mind for the beginning of the New Year, but it happened and now I have to take the anitbiotics along with all my other regular meds. Plus, coughing does not help my sciatic pain and I think I pulled a stomach muscle at some point! I’ve gotten to the point now that I tell myself off for coughing, maybe even a few curses and quite a bit of irritation.

That saying, I have been getting a lot of fresh ideas and I’ve been doing some plotting for my current wip’s whilst recouperating. Featured Image -- 954And I’ve also decided to alter a certain character and changing them into a more interesting person with a deeper history and a far more complex magical ability than first percieved. No more shall I be lazy when creating a mage-like character! This means more research and pulling out older notes.

potential cover wolfborn 2015 Currently, Wolf Born is going steady and just needs a little refinement and editing along the way. Once complete, it’ll be proofread, several times with eyes fresher than mine and then will go through the usual re-writes etc. My deadline will be pushed back due to the unforseen illness, but I’m looking at a March/Arpil release.

Oath of God doesn’t have a cover as yet, not even a sneek peak, but it’s a project that needs quite a bit of research and juggling of the chapters and structure before I can even get to the meat of the story and have a complete MS to proof and edit fully.

I’m planning a short story to be released between Wolf Born and Oath of God. Dates to be decided. However, it’s a complete first draft and only requires editing and proofreading.

I’m looking to do quite a bit of reading over the year and to explore a few other indie authors work as well. I’m including all my reaserch here as well and will hopefully have some interesting posts to add to my blog…

Anyhow, back to recovering. Thanks for reading all!! 🙂




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