Sunday Book Review – Vastian Lore

A really good and informative review of my novella, Vastian Lore. Thanks so much, Nate Philbrick for taking the time to read and critique my work 🙂

You Write Fiction

Welcome back to Sunday Book Review! Today I’m giving my thoughts on a novella I just finished reading: Vastian Lore, by S.C. Gregory.


Vastian Lore, by S. C. Gregory

General Information

Genre according to Amazon: dark fantasy.

Length (print): 107 pages.

How I found it: giveaway announcement on the author’s blog.

Amazon blurb:

Sometimes taking the job means betraying family…
Turns out, Norarl is fine with that, once he accepts his whole life has been a lie.
His half-sister wants him dead. His twin brother would be only too happy to help her succeed, but they also want more than just his murder.
Arius and Zadraal will do everything in their power to free an army whose sole purpose is to destroy all life not like their own.
The only problem?
To break the magical seal on the Gate of N’sumenel requires the sacrifice of an Earthbound Elemental.

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