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Changes And Challenges

It’s really weird calling myself a writer, never mind an author, so when I finally managed to get my Goodreads account altered to reflect the fact I’ve got two published works…It kind of freaked me out a little!

I know you’re supposed to create yourself a ‘brand’ or make yourself into one, but that’s just not me. I am who I am. If that makes any sense? I can’t really become this enigmatic character who’s witty and funny, chock full of banter that will lure potential readers to my website or entice them to buy my books. I can only express myself through writing what I love and hoping others will, at the very least, like my stories too.

I feel I don’t convey what I write very well? I mean, I really enjoy books by David Gemmel, David Eddings, Jacqueline Carey and Chris Bunch.

Lately, I’ve also come across several talented Indie authors as well, such as, Steve Turnbull, Kara Joregenson and recently, Nate Philbrick.

However, I would never aspire to become them or to write in their exact style. I have my own voice and my own way of creating a story.

I love to jump right into the action. To thrust a character, or maybe more than just one, into a turmoil of conflict and see how they deal with the situation. How they react. What they feel and what they fear. I’m not the sort of writer who likes to ‘spoonfeed’ readers. In fact, as a reader myself, I prefer to be kept guessing until the the story resolves itself, and even then I like a story that doesn’t give you all the answers. A story that keeps a reader guessing is one that entices me to read the next book in a series.

And so, Vastian Lore, my attempt at a novella, is in no way cut and dry. It doesn’t stop to explain every single little detail or to give too much away. And, given the short amount of words, I was limited with back story for certain characters, but I did manage to convey my main protagonist’s history without making it an info dump…I hope! 😉 And I like to think many of the characters are unique in themselves, but only readers and reviews will prove that to be true…Or not?

Anyhow, my two other WIP’s are going well. Wolf Born is coming along nicely, but then, this is the final draft of roughly ten years work. Oath of God is getting there. I’m making plans, correcting plot flaws and doing a lot of research into Japanese Mythology and historic swords/fittings. I need a few more books, just so I can get things right in my mind before putting them onto paper, but Oath of God should be ready for my rough deadline of Easter 2016. Wolf Born, I’m hoping will be ready by the end of February 2016, if all goes well with editing and re-writes. This year, the plan is to get at least two full-length novels out and a short story. I may try to get the second book in the Wolf Born series out at the end of the year, but I’m not even at the draft stage yet, so we’ll see what happens…?

It takes me a while to write a full book, due to life and health etc. However, I’m confident I’ll reach my goals for the year, all being well.

Once again, thanks for reading and if anyone would like to leave a comment, please feel free to ask me a writerly question or send a query! 🙂


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