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Writer At Work!

fountain pen

Well, I’ve had a nice rest over the holidays. At least from writing!

We’ve visited family, eaten too many mince pies and played board games over the course of the festivities. Now, it’s time to get back to work…

Sadly, my husband and two eldest kids have got this cold virus that’s going around and I’m pretty much on my own downstairs with the laptop. When I’m not checking on the ‘patients’ and doing the school run with our youngest, who, for now, isn’t sick (thank goodness). Despite all that, I’m still managing to get research done for Oath of God and catching up on messages and social media, plus doing some reading of a few short stories I’ve been meaning to tick off my reading list.

I did get some great presents. Writing related, of course. A delightful, Italian-made fountian pen of pewter and dark blue glass, which must be dipped in its own pot of ink, like pens of old. My husband also wisely bought me a more modern version of a fountian pen, for everyday use and apparently for signing copies of my book/s (bless, my husband has high hopes). I also got a few notebooks, which are always appreciated. One of my ‘big’ presents was a custom bowling ball, which is a growing hobby of mine and my husband’s, plus our youngest as well.

As for the whole writing thing? Well, I’m slowly realising how much work taking on two WIP’s at the same time is going to be. Although, I’m determined to get at least two novels out this year and a short story.

I’ve sold a few copies of the paperback for Vastian Lore, which is always uplifting. I’m still waiting on a few reviews, but I’m hoping to get feedback very soon. (I just hope it isn’t too scathing…?) Anyhow, the ebook sales have slowed to a standstill and I can’t do anymore free promotions on Amazon until the end of January, so I’ll just have to cross my fingers for more sales/reviews to magically appear! As for Sorceress of Demon’s Wood, all sales have ground to a halt. I’m sure (I hope) things will pick up.

On other news, I’ve now set up my Author Profile on Goodreads and listed my books, with the addition of changes to my short story, which was originally titled: Sorceress Beware What You Believe and has now been altered to the new title: Sorceress of Demon’s Wood, with a few slight tweeks to the cover. I’ve also linked my blog to this account as well, for any who might be interested at taking a peek.

I’ve still got a lot to learn about self-publishing and writing and I’m pretty much learning on the job, but I’ve got a three year window to work hard and prove to myself that I can do this!

Thanks for reading 🙂



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