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The Unexpected


It’s official! Vastian Lore has shown its worth.

Actually, to be honest. If my novella had sold no copies, I’d still be proud of the fact that I did what I set out to do. I published a book. Hurray!

Today, looking at the sales figures, I realised how much of a boost it is to see those sales and think, yep, it’s happened. I’m an author.

Maybe, I should get a badge? *shakes head and smiles*

I’ll show decorum and be grateful someone out there is reading my work.

When I recall the months of writing, re-writing, editing and proof-reading. The endless self-doubt and niggling worries. I wonder why I’m putting myself through it all again and writing two novels side-by-side?

Sales don’t always mean readers enjoyed the story, right? It doesn’t mean the figures will start to rise more frequently. It doesn’t make me a writer.

It’s the joy of creating new and vivid characters. Giving them human flaws and failings. To give a world its history. To invent and imagine.

This is what makes me a writer.

All this and more…



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