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Author Signatures…

Vastian Lore Artwork 2015 resizedThe competition I ran to win a signed copy of Vastian Lore has now ended and the two lucky winners are: Nate Philbrick and Nathalie London. I have now proceeded to scrawl my so-called signature onto the first page…And I’m cringing still at how bad my writing is. I’m sure I had better handwriting when I was younger…I think? Anyhow, I’m hoping to get the books out in the post in time for Xmas. And maybe, over time, my signature will improve.

I don’t have much to put in this blog, except to thank everyone who has bought a copy of my book, put a review and entered the competition. It means alot to know there’s folks out there who will take a chance on a new, self-published book and some who actually enjoyed reading it.

I’m busy typing away on my novel, Wolf Born at the moment, with research on Oath Of God as extra homework. I have just managed to squeeze in my flash fiction for The Scriptorium and to do the blog. If anyone would like to have glance at some great stories, then head on over to: and you can vote for next month’s theme.

Thanks everyone, I’ll be back soon, hopefully with more updates! 🙂


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