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Discounts And Desperation…

Brief Intro…

It isn’t easy to self-publish. Not just because of all the learning you have to do, but the taking of a chance, the risk involved in showing your imagination to the world (well, Amazon buyers) and to finally reveal what you do with all those hours spent tapping away at the keyboard. There’s a lot more to indie publishing than merely pressing a button and having your work go ‘live’. It can be exhausting. It can feel as if you’re doing all this for nothing, but it’s a dream, and I intend to follow it. No matter where it may lead. Stories are worlds of creation. I wanted to write what I would love to read. And so, that is what I have done.

Now for the ‘agenda’ of this blog…

Limited Kindle Promotions And Paperback.

First on the agenda: Vastian Lore is available for 99p until the 8th December on ebook.

There will also be a second promo starting 4th December for and Vastian Lore will be priced at $0.99 until 11th December.

The paperback is also available through Createspace and Amazon priced at £4.53 and $7.

WIP And Novels.

  • Oath Of God is in the draft stages and is being reworked with the addition of research and editing of sections.
  • Wolf Born is being edited and will require proofreading once complete.
  • A vague notion of doing a series from my short: Tick Tock. More details shortly.
  • A short story may be published on Amazon (If I can squeeze it in)

The Scriptorium

resized scriptorium photo

 I’d just like to bring attention to the joint project I’m a part of and remind folks there’s a few good stories on the website if anyone wants to sample some flash fiction and find out what we’re all up to. We also do a blog and have a twitter and Facebook page. Details below:

  • @TheScriptorium5


If you’d like to recieve a signed copy of Vastian Lore, then please send your name to with the heading of Competition. The closing date for this is 5th December and I will attempt to send the prize in time for Xmas, post and weather permitting.

And Finally…

If anyone’s interested in smapling a few free stories, then go ahead and check out my Wattpad account at:

I’m also on Twitter @scgregory80 and Facebook and

More updates coming soon…


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