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potential cover wolfborn 2015

I’ve got a confession to make!! Not much of one, granted, but I have to admit that writing a novella is nothing like creating a full-length novel with over 80,000 words of created history, dialogue and characters.

With a novella the story is condensed. There aren’t enough words to express the complexity of world building and all of the detail that goes with it. You get a fragment, a juicy morsel of temptation, which will hopefully lead the reader onto more of the author’s work.

I’ve read short stories and novellas in the past and have been left wanting more and eagerly awaiting the next book.

As with my own attempt at a novel. Wolfborn will be set in the world of Ulyssia and contain within its pages some of the characters from Vastian Lore, with the addition of new ones and perhaps the odd one from other short stories I’ve written and published on Wattpad. This is a project I’ve been working on since 2004. It’s been slow going, mainly sue to the fact that in the beginning I didn’t have a ‘voice’ of my own and was trying to be something I wasn’t. My early work was pretty awful, considering what I write now. It was full of stereotyped characters, rubbish dialogue and a transparent story. Oh, there were the occasional magical moments, and a few interesting ideas I’ve developed and expanded along the way, but mostly it was cringeworthy stuff.

It did, however, inspire me to keep going.

I attended a creative writing class at college, but was left feeling disappointed with the lack of insight into writing good fantasy based works. I bought a heap of self-learning books and got to studying. My writing has evolved like I have through living. I’m a ‘people-watcher’ and like to observe how folks react with one another and speak to each other.  This has helped me a lot with dialogue. There is a lot people don’t say and much they reveal by their actions.

Wolf Born will be an interesting insight into a world rife with the usual dangers. Demons, mages, and aspiring murderers, assassins and people who really do believe they are doing the best for all, even if means killing them in the process.

This novel should be out early 2016, alongside Oath Of God.

Wish me luck with those dealines!! 🙂


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