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Reviews Equals Inspiration

It’s always nice to get reviews and it isn’t something authors can readily achieve. I’ll take a good, honest review any day of the week!!

I don’t always read them straight away because I don’t get notified if a review goes on and if it’s on, then I have to find them to read them because they’re at the bottom of the main seller’s page.

This one I really liked because it showed the impact a short story can have in hooking a reader and steering them towards the next book.

Here goes…

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
As my headline states, this was a very good short story. Ms. Gregory has created a short introduction to a world that is proving to be quite interesting. You are dropped in the middle of an intense situation from the first sentence, and through the remainder of the story, tension remains. Who is the young woman known as Arius? What is a Vastian? These two questions were enough for me to download the followup, Vastian Lore. I am looking forward to seeing what else Ms. Gregory has planned for this series.
This was a good, solid review and it does help to boost the flagging ego a bit, to see someone so eager to read on and see what I’ve got planned next.
This four star and detailed review made my day! Thanks so much! 🙂

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