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Well, there’s been a lot going on as usual. Writing is top priority. With DIY and making sure to eat a close second! Vastian Lore has made its first paperback sale. Yay! I know there’ll be a few more, but long term sales with be a testament to whether or not the novella has the ability to hook readers. I’m hoping for some constructive feedback! *hint* I’d like to know whether the book was worth the read.

I’m not sure what I’m planning for promotion. I’ve got ideas, but nothing concrete. Will have to wait and see. Watch this space…Or rather this blog!

I’ve comissioned a cover for Oath Of God and the artwork is in the planning stage. Once again, the artist and myself are on the same page with regards to the overall feel. I’m currently beavering away on the edits of the draft and I’m hoping to top 80,000-100,000 words. It’s a completely different world to the one in Vastian Lore. There is different magic and weapons, and different cultures. At the moment, I’m spending time doing the appropriate research and also prepping my book list for the required reading material. Wickipedia is alright, but I like to verify sources and make sure what I put into my stories is accurate, with a few little twists of my own, of course! 😉

The next book linked to the world in Vastian Lore will be due out in 2016 and this will follow some of the same characters, but will be part of a trilogy, all novel length. Right now, I have a partially completed draft, but I’m hoping to complete Oath Of God and while that’s being copy edited, I’ll complete and start my edits for Wolf Born.

Generally, I stick to one or two projects at any one time and because I also have The Scriptorium, I need a time slot free for doing Flash Fiction. This means I’m trying not to take on too many stories at once, especially If that entails self-publishing as well, which can be time consuming in itself.

There’s also promotion, which can be tricky. I don’t want to swamp people with requests to buy my books, but I also want them to be read. It’s a hard thing to get right.

I have my deadlines and this time hoping to stick to them!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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