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Paperback Is Available

complete cover 2

Sorry for the really boring title, but while I was chomping down a Twirl and supping my cup of tea I noticed my novella, Vastian Lore now has its paperback confirmed as available to buy!!

Here is the link for any interested parties!

I’m thrilled my book is now available as a hardcopy and an ebook. It’s an achievement for me and I’m really happy I managed to deal with formatting and Createspace and get a book out there for all those who have been asking when I would publish the paperback.

As of now? I’m working on Oath of God, which will be a novel length story. This will also be an ebook and paperback. I’ve got most of the first draft completed, and I’m just editing those chapters before completing the entire story. I’ve already got it planned out in my head. I’ve just got to get it down on paper and clarify a few details. I’m also doing the required research and filling up a very large notebook. Once this is complete, I’m hoping to have it edited and released in February 2016.

My other novel, Wolf Born will be completed and edited by the new year and I’m hoping to have it out by Easter 2016. *fingers crossed* I’ve a feeling DIY jobs and housework will get put on the back burner, but I doubt my husband will complain about the former! 🙂 So long as none of us starve, we’ll be fine, right?

Anyhow, I’d better get back to writing or there won’t be any books to talk about next time!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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