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Paperbacks And Publishing

Ok, this one will be short today, due to not having much to report.

Vastian Lore will be published by end of the week. *fingers crossed* I have to await the second proof as a few alterations need to be made to the interior formatting, mainly because I forgot to take out the extra space between each paragraph. Plus, there were a few issues with spelling, which I was a bit annoyed about as the MS has been edited several times, both professionally and by myself, and it’s been proofread several times as well. However, spelling mistakes still crept into the story. I’ve updated the file, and it just needs converting to a PDF and checking over by Createspace before I order the proof and then confirm publishing.

So far Vastian Lore has sold a few ebook copies and I’m just awaiting the update on my Author Page.

Sorceress Of Demon’s Wood is on free promotion at the moment, until 10th November. (previously, Sorceress: Beware What You Believe) This is a short story that gives a brief glimpse into the Ulyssian world and its characters. It’s basically a taster to wet the reader’s appetite. Well, at least I hope so!

I’ll always be honest on this blog and say I don’t always know what I’m doing with self-publishing, but I do research and I’m working hard on getting this paperback sorted and out there!

I’ve altered my writing schedule a little, and am working on Oath Of God, which I will self-publish. This is a completely different world, with different characters to Vastian Lore and my short story. It’s recieved good reviews on Wattpad, although it was only a partial draft and had over 300 reads.

I’m taking a breather from the world of Ulyssia for the moment and focusing on Oath Of God. This is mainly due to working on those stories and living in that writing universe has been a part of my life for over ten years now and I’ve chosen to write about a different place for a time. Although, I won’t be leaving it behind completely as I will be going back to my novel Wolf Born in the new year, working on two projects side by side.

Thanks for reading and following everyone! 🙂

Updates soon.


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