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Somedays I feel Like The Human Equivalent Of A Flump…

Or at least my brain does. I really cannot understand why I made such a basic mistake with my manuscript and forgot to take out the extra spaces between paragraphs? Needless to say, I now have to go back, do another PDF and order a second proof of my book. I won’t ever pretend to know what I’m doing all the time with this self-publishing adventure (which is ocassionally like stepping into my version of Hell) and so, mistakes can happen, but so long as they don’t manifest in the finished product I’m happy. Although, I seem to be suffering from a lot of headaches lately?

I’ve gone back through my MS for Vastian Lore, sorted the format issues (astoundingly, I have researched and studied this mysterious technique)  and yet, I still make errors.

The cover on the proof looks pretty good and I like the matt finish. One item ticked off the list.

My daughter is now my official proofreader and if you think she’ll cut me any slack, think again. She is more ruthless than I am when it comes to perfecting the skill of writing. Plus, she appears to have a great dislike for commas and ellipses…(put that there just to get her going if she reads this) and emphatically pointed out sections of the story she doesn’t approve of. It makes my brian hurt sometimes, but at least, there will be less problems, especially for the next book.

On a previous post I made a sort of vague suggestion that I might go down the hybrid route and attempt to get a traditional contract as well as self-publishing some of my other work.

This means I will be doing two projects side-by-side. One of these will be the completion and editing of my final draft for a full-length novel titled: Wolf Born. The second will be completing the first draft, re-draft, edit and completion of a novel I started on Wattpad titled: Oath Of God. The latter will be a standalone book, which I will self-publish. Wolf Born, I will try to get traditionally published. I have been through the process before and have the rejection slips from agents to prove it. This time, though, I think I’m better prepared and my work has matured somewhat from my earlier attempts.

I will still be doing flash fiction for The Scriptorium, the joint anthology project I’m a member of and I’ll still be blogging, doing my website and probably a host of other, non-writing related projects as well!

It’s a hard road this writing business and there’s a lot to learn, never mind finding your own voice, and getting your work to stand out (in a good way). There’s anxiety about whether your work is good enough, or of it’s worth all the stress, but when someone reads your work and laughs at the humerous bits, and gets creeped out by the demons, I think you know, as a writer, you’ve got something right. At least, I do!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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