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Tuesday’s Taster

Vastian Lore Artwork 2015 resized

‘Thanks.’ Norarl walked out the door. So far, I’m not dead…He scowled.

Orlon, Zaria and Leso followed, using buildings and alleyways as cover until they were well out of sight. Norarl’s mood soured, just put meat around my neck and whistle?

If he was going to be bait, he might as well make a good job. He moved a few paces down the street. Norarl licked his lips. He tightened his grip on the twisted iron and crystal sword.

Sweat broke out on his brow, trickling down his face, itching his scalp like a thousand ants running wild in his hair. Damn, he wanted to scratch, but if he did that, if he lost focus, he might as well slit his throat. In all honesty, he should probably do that. It might be quicker.

That was a little taster from Chapter Six of Vastian Lore…

It was short, I know, but it’s just a sneak preview of what’s to come. The editing is getting there, and I’m directing all my energy towards completing by the weekend.

I’ve decided to follow my instincts when it comes to my style of writing. The editing process was very painful, in that it didn’t go as I’d hoped etc. etc. However, I’ve taken on board the suggestions for overwriting and corrected those issues, and I’ve also dealt with the small bits of underwriting/lack of detail in certain sections. I do have a habit of leaving out descriptions, when I should add them, such as what a town looks like or a building, mainly because I have it in my head and forget that readers don’t have that information. As for the grammar and spelling, there weren’t many of those errors, apart from putting my MS into English spelling, and ensuring it was all consistent. I also need to make additions to the ending in order to clarify details and also put in a great big full stop, so readers get a decent conclusion.

Now, my printed pages have lots of red ink on them, from me and my corrections/additions/notes. Editing isn’t easy for me, like I’ve said, I find it a difficult process, but I’ve been pushing myself and working towards completion of the novella.

I’m lucky in that I can give a lot of time to writing, but honestly, it doesn’t make things any easier. There are many paths leading to the road of self-publishing and many lessons to learn. It’s an ongoing process.

antique typewriter

In other news…I’ve recently read some really great stories. I’ve had the opportunity to be Beta reader for both Michael Gunter and Claire M Banschbach. Both of their stories were excellent reads, although very different in style and genre. I’m looking forward to Thundercrest (Michael Gunter’s work) to be published as a novella.

I’ve aslo read a couple of awesome books, one being The Martian by Andy Weir and I also went to watch the film. Reading the book first didn’t spoil the cinema experience as the medium of film changed things around enough that it was refreshing and a great experience.

My book buying has led to me to purchasing The Mirror Empire and Empire Ascendant by Kameron Hurley and I’m looking forward to getting lost in the pages of both these stories.


Now, I’m off to get some more writing done, oh, and maybe a sandwhich…


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