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Thurday’s Thoughts

Well, I’ll start with the writing thing, seeing as I’m supposed to be an aspiring author/writer type person! So, I’ve set up my Createspace account and started the process, including the niggling little tax details etc. Now, I’ve got to complete the final editing on Vastian Lore and do the finishing touches on the cover, format the content and download. I also want a preview copy to make sure there are no glaring errors! *phew* With all that done, the novella should be released 3rd November! This gives me enough time to complete, set up the ebook version as well and also sort out some promotion, newsletter, maybe a competition or two, and have a holiday somwhere in there as well!! A lot of work, but I’m cracking on and getting sorted.

There’s been a lot of disruption with the move to the new house, decorating, which is hard work at the best of times, but I’m either doing it all on my own now, with the occasional help of close friends, or my husband at the weekend when he’s not at work. Most of the work is finished, just a few things here and there, and repainting of the utility as once we moved in we discovered a plug in there wasn’t connected, so the electricians came and removed it, but left a few holes that now need filling and re-decorating!! There is the continuation of not knowing where stuff is located, then finding it in a completely weird and unexpected place, such as the DVD remote in a black binliner with the dog medicines!! All that aside, it’s slowly starting to become a home rather than a random collection of boxes and half-finished projects!!

The following isn’t set in stone, but it’s a start…

I’ve got a loose plan for the following books: Wolfborn novel release early 2016

Wolfsong novel release mid (summer?) 2016

Wolf…(title not yet decided) release winter 2016

I’m also planning a standalone book based off a draft I started on my Wattpad account, titled Oath Of God, which I intend to release either end of 2016 or beginning of 2017. *fingers crossed*

As per a request, I’ll be hoping to get House Of Sept finished and published 2017

There’s a lot of work involved as Wolfborn is the only MS that has been drafted, the other two I’ve yet to start and House Of Sept and Oath Of God are in the drafting stage, so they will need completing and editing!!

Right! My plan is now complete. Let’s hope (with no future moves planned) I can stay on target with my deadlines this time around!

For more detailed information, please visit me at: blackdragon80.wix.com/s-c-gregory-author

Thanks all for reading and following my blog! Much appreciated! 😀


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