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Self-Doubt Can Be a Killer

Vastian Lore Artwork 2015 resized

Well, I’m getting through the edits for Vastian Lore. I created an account on Createspace and had a look at the whole process, which is a step-by-step guide on how to publish a physical copy of my book. From what I’ve seen so far, anyone who does formatting and makes PDF versions of bookcovers, I bow down to your superior knowledge!! Looking at the Createspace formula for making an accurate rendition of a PDF format made my eyes cross and my brain glaze over in confusion! I am not technical in any way, shape or form. Then, there is the part where you have to set everything out, like author name, subtitle, if you have one, all the things I’ve already done on Kindle for my short previously. I’m dreading the filling out of little boxes.

There is a real worry that the artwork I had commissioned won’t work as a cover! What if it goes all blurry? Or it just turns out rubbish!! Al I want is a professional looking cover, with a nicely formatted interior and good story!

*sighs* I know I’m ranting, but this side of the self-publishing industry really aggrivates me because I know I can’t do it all the way I’d like, I can’t spend cash like I have a money tree in the back garden and It’s no big deal to splurge on every aspect of my book! I’ve paid for a professional edit, pulled in favours, and got some artwork basically for free!! I’m doing all I can to make this work and do it as well as I’m able on a shoe string budget!

I don’t want to fall flat on my face at the last hurdle!!

The story is sound. It needs going through by a Beta reader or two…And a final polish wouldn’t hurt.

If I had a habit of chewing my fingernails, I wouldn’t have any left!

Here’s to hoping It’ll all be worth it!!


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