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New House. New Plans. New Book…

Anyhow, as the title suggests, the move happened, at last! We officially handed over keys about a week ago and the old house has the workmen in doing their thing. As for us, well, we’ve still got boxes to empty (think there’ll still be some of those lurking around in 2016) but it’s slowly getting there. As my husband works all week, we mostly just have weekends to get the heavy lifting done, like moving bookshelves to new locations, and putting up the temporary shed until we can afford the new one and my log cabin/office. There’s some painting left to do, the toilet and bathroom are seperate, and I left those in favour of getting the main rooms done before the move. There’s the stairs to freshen up and the under-stairs cupboard that I’ve given a fresh lick of white paint and the glossing requires a second coat, then the flooring needs putting down. This will end up as the pantry for all of my baking paraphernalia, the hoover and other sundries. There are other small jobs that require attention, like finishing touches etc. All-in-all it’ll take a few more weeks/months to finally settle down.

That’s the moving business side dealt with, now onto the plans I’ve had stewing in my mind for a while now. I’ve already mentioned a few updates, so won’t repeat myself (or at least I’ll try to avoid it). I’ve been thinking about doing a sort of ongoing series, based around a story I published on Wattpad a while ago now and I’m hedging towards making that a reality. A few followers and writer friends will be familiar with the original, which was titled: Tick Tock, and perhaps they may be excited or at least intrigued to know that’s what the series will be based off, with the re-edited version of the original being the first up in this possible saga?

My novella, Vastian Lore is almost complete. The artwork is all done, just the rest of the cover needs sorting, and the setting up of Createspace and pre-order options. I’ll be ordering an ARC before publication just to make sure the cover looks good and the interior structure is sound. I’m looking towards an October publication, but this could well be an end of month date, given there’s still lots to do! I’ll possibly look towards beta readers in the next couple of weeks, but will update once I’m sure. To be honest, I’ll just be glad once the novella is up on Amazon, and it’s all finished. Editing can be a tiring process, add onto that weeks of DIY, moving, boxes, and the back to school process, I think I could easily sleep for a week, if my mind would let me. As it is, all my thoughts are geared towards two main goals, completing the house and publishing the novella.

Please feel free to comment if you wish. I’d appreciate thoughts on my idea of a series, publishing through Createspace and also any thoughts on the topic of self-publishing. Thanks all for reading! 🙂

Now, I need to get this editing done. (the writing fairy is on strike) ;D


2 thoughts on “New House. New Plans. New Book…

  1. Congratulations, good luck, keep it up, good work…anything I missed? 😀
    Urgh, I know how moving and renovating can be. We live in a 100 year old house, and we’re constantly removing and replacing things.

    1. Thanks!
      Yeah, this house is getting on for 70+ years old, but luckily it’s been well looked after and there weren’t too many problems, except for an old mould issue from past damp, which we have treated now.

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