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Descisions. Descisions.

Anyhow, it’s getting to the point where fonts for the cover need to be decided. It’s not my favourite job, but there are two I’m considering for my upcoming novella.

Vastian Lore

S C Gregory (wide latin font)


Vastian Lore

S c Gregory

(castellar font)

Most likely scenario, the person who does my cover design will choose something completely different!! 🙂

The blurb is almost complete, just needs a proofread and approval, then it’s good to go!

The edit is taking longer than anticipated, mainly due to the fact that the entire beginning needed a rewrite and there are some story flaws here and there that need to be rectified before I’m happy to start the publishing process. As I’ve said before, there will be the option for ebook and paperback, and also the possibility of preorder, but I’m not sure what the process will be for that as I’ve got some more research to do. I’ll be doing regular updates, so hopefully I’ll get a concrete date by end of September.

The monthly newsletter will be a little late as I’m going to wait until the cover is ready for its reveal and the blurb is complete before I send out that particular update. I also want to be able to give out a more accurate publication date and a few other updates I’ve been planning in the background.

Thanks all for reading 🙂

(I’m off to make dinner now)


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