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Back To Work

Apologies to any who have missed me and my posts!! Got the keys for new house almost two weeks ago now, but the main re-decorating took about 6 days, what with stripping back, prepping, treating a mould issue in the utility and then papering, carpets, and laying an unexpected laminate floor because we couldn’t find a lino to fit our large open-plan living/kitchen area! Plus, the actual move, which was a week past now, took a lot longer than anticipated and we were still clearing the old house mid-week, including sorting the dreaded loft space out!!

There was a lot of work to do and my husband was in Scotland for work, so it was left up to me, friends, and family to put in long, 12 hour days so the move could go ahead as planned. I’ve thanked all who were involved and they know who they are and how appreciative we are of their efforts to help us out!!

So, we’re all in now! Still finishing off to do, the stairs needs freshening up and the bathroom painting, but the boxes are slowly dwindling and blinds/curtains going up!! Progress is happening!!

As for the whole writing thing? Well, Vastian Lore has been put back to a release date of October, which I’m not happy about, but life being as it is, not everything can go as planned. There’s just the final phases of the cover to sort, the proofing and editing of both novella and blurb, plus the selection of a suitable font for said cover.

Oh, and I’ve still got to set up the printer so I can actually do the re-write/edit!! That’d be good, right? 🙂

Then there’s a small matter of dealing with my short that I published previously, which I’m either going to sort a new cover for and new title (which is the old title, but in Latin) or I’ll be adding it to the back of my novella as a little extra feature/bonus?? Not sure which way to go, yet. I’ll update soon as I figure it all out.

I’m planning on publishing another short, due out in Winter 2015, which will either be a standalone story or part of an ongoing series. I haven’t worked out all the details as yet. It’s just a vague idea at the moment.

So, all in all, the writing is intermittent, but it is happening, slowly, like the move to the new house. It’ll get there, and I’m determined not to miss another deadline!!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Back soon!!


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