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The Art Of Patience

Ok, let me clear up one very important fact, I am NOT always patient! If I decide to do a job, then I want to get on with it ASAP, and I don’t want to wait around. The same goes for most things in my life, such as waiting for keys to a new property, standing in a queue (my least favourite task), going for appointments, and relying on others to do things for me. I rarely ask for favours because I don’t enjoy being dependant on anyone but myself. If I have a deadline I beat myself rather badly If I can’t meet it, even if the reasons are out of my control. That is the key word here, control, this is one of those aspects of life I prefer to keep a handle on.

And this is why writing is so very hard for me, as it doesn’t always go to plan, (not that I plot extensively) It’s more the relying on others to edit, proofread etc. and being dependant on their timeframe and their deadlines. There’s also the mystery factor, where you have no idea whether all that hard work will be worth it, in that will anyone even read what you’ve slaved over for months/years?!

Writing is a steep learning curve onto the slippery slope of doubt. You think you’ve got a great story, or the basis of a good one at least, then you realise actually, no, it still needs work, needs more detail, clarification, the beginning requires that often elusive ‘hook’ and you’ve paid someone to give you advice, only to leave you with a wheelbarrow of self-doubt that maybe you’re not good enough to call yourself a writer, never mind get your work published.

Mostly, I take that wheelbarrow and dump it onto the compost of worries. I don’t have time for doubt, right? The story I’m writing is good, no, more than good, it’s a tale that I’d like to read myself, that’s why I’m writing it in the first place. Right? Right? *sigh* There is no-one who can bolster your ego, well not for me anyway, because I always think (if it’s family) they’re only being polite, they don’t really mean it…etc. etc. It’s all about carrying on, keeping writing, plugging at the craft and learning.

You can’t expect to get it right first time. Writing is like any job, really, you have to learn skills, techniques, find out what works for you and practise, practise, practise. Of course, this is only me and how I work. I don’t always write every single day, due to other commitments, but I do think about it a lot, and even if I don’t do any writing, I’ll take notes, sometimes propped up in bed before lights out. Or I’ll do some research, and sort of hope no-one ever looks at my search history!! There’s some strange questions in there! πŸ˜‰

I also like to draw and paint, make jewellry and generally learn new things. I’m going to look into leather work, working with pewter, and enamelling. I’d also like a pottery oven, and my husband didn’t even raise an eyebrow when I mentioned it! It takes a lot of patience to live with a ‘creative’ type person and he’s used to my crazy ideas. Most of the time he just goes with the flow, sometimes he asks questions, but I usually have free reign.

My next project is to complete a Copy Editing course, which I’ll be looking into very soon. This isn’t really for me to use this skill on my own work, although it may come in handy. It’s more to offer a service to others, and I’ll have a great excuse to do even more reading! πŸ™‚

Anyhow, the editing of Vastian Lore won’t sort itself, so I’d better get back to work!

Thanks for reading πŸ˜€


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