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A Writer’s Work Is Never Done…

It’s a hard business being a writer at the best of times, but lately I’m beginning to sink into that trap where I don’t think it’s worth the headaches, hassle and the endless stress. There’s plenty of commentary out there saying that If you find it too hard, you shouldn’t be a writer or attempt the whole self-publishing industry in the first place.

However, I find that a lot of things in life can get anybody down and make even the most enjoyable activities a bit of a nightmare. It’s what you do that counts. How you handle it and if you can move on, or whether you give up.

I don’t know what the heck is going on in my head most days, but with the move, the boxes, daily living, school holidays, deadlines, editing, coverart, and trying to get the novella completed in a professional manner, well, it’s very stressful at the moment and having doubts doesn’t really help.

I’ve had support from my husband, encouraging me to finish Vastian Lore.

Some days I have doubts as to my capability as a writer.

I’ve got the images in my head, but they don’t always translate onto paper or the computer screen. Then there’s the formatting to deal with, a task I find even less enjoyable than editing.

I’ve got quite a few projects waiting in the wings, so to speak, but getting them completed, that’s the question.

Hmmm, I think once we’re settled into the new house, things will balance out.

I’m a very determined person, once I set my mind to something, I usually get it done.

So, here’s to Vastian Lore!

And back to editing…

Thanks all for reading 🙂


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