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Deadlines! Despair! Disasters!

Well, as many of you who read this blog know, I’m right in the middle of editing a novella, whilst trying to pack up a whole house and planning a move. This is all alongside trying to sort out the novella’s cover, the blurb, the publishing and trying to manage daily life.

I’ve since come to the conclusion that while a deadline can be helpful it can also be a problem. As a writer I really wanted to get my novella completed so it could be edited and available on Amazon by end of August at the latest.

Sadly, reality doesn’t always fit with what we want. The editing took almost two weeks and wasn’t everything that I expected it would be. I’m left with rewriting the manuscript and adding some of suggested changes and then it will need another proofread to make sure there aren’t any glaring mistakes. This means printing off the entire MS with the recommended edits and then going through the whole thing page by page. This will hold me back and may mean the novella won’t be out until September. The move hasn’t helped with this at all.

It’s a lot of pressure. A lot of ups and downs.

Many writers will know how hard it can be striving to create a novel, a novella or even a short and having people around who don’t believe in what you’re trying to achieve can be a real downer at times. There are the occasional writer out there who also don’t help. Some are quite happy to pull down another’s work, and be quite derogatory, but if they recieve comments, even constructive ones they go off the deep end. I’ve long since learned that there are those out there who are happy and very willing to be supportive of fellow writers, while some feel it’s some sort of competition. The show a veneer of camaraderie,  but when one probes a little deeper the cracks start to show. I’m the sort who is happy to promote other writers. I love reading other writer’s work and will even go out of my way to help, if I can. The same cannot be said if the roles are reversed. I’m resigned to the fact that not everything is equal in this world and I’m not going to stop being supportive to others just because of a few, less charitable folks. But, I won’t put myself out for those people, I’m not that gullible.

It’s a hard thing working on a project that you can’t really explain because the one’s you’re talking to just don’t get what you’re doing. Even my husband struggles sometimes to understand why I get so excited when a plot comes together, or a character does something so unexpected that I can’t help bouncing off the walls with excitement. (that doesn’t happen often as I’m usually quite reserved) I’m supposed to be the mature one, by the way! Anyhow, it’s no easy thing being creative, which is why I appreciate the hard work that others put into their projects and creations!

Right, well, getting back to the writing business. I’m getting on with the edits. I should have finished with all that and the proofread by the end of August. So, realistically, it’ll be September for the release. It pushes everything else over a bit and my short story won’t be out until October 2015. More updates on that in a later post.

This weekend we’re off to the Comicon, so I’m sure I’ll have some interesting photos to share next week and maybe even some goodies to show off! 🙂

Well, I’m off to get some work done.

Thanks for reading 😀


4 thoughts on “Deadlines! Despair! Disasters!

  1. I feel your pain with editing. It’s been a very slow process for me, and there are things I keep rethinking, going back, and editing some more. 🙂
    Haha, yes, my family and people offline don’t understand the author business and character creating. I typically celebrate quietly to myself. 🙂

    1. Sometimes I relate editing to visiting the dentist, a necessary evil!! Other days, I don’t mind it so much!
      Yeah, I think it’s hard for people to understand what’s it like to be creative, especially if they’re not that way inclined themselves. My husband tries his best, but usually it’s just me grinning to myself and having a little chuckle when a character does something brilliant/funny or a scene works out!! 🙂

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