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Confusion. Calamity. Collaboration.

It’s the three ‘C’s’ or my version, at least. For this week, anyway.

My view on the world isn’t new, it isn’t special, it’s just lessons learned from living. Nothing is ever simple, easy, or straightforward. Life doesn’t run on the fuel of ‘black and white’. There are no easy answers. No tricks you can learn that will make the world turn how you want or would wish it to be. So, onward and upward…

The first word this week, is confusion. Yep, there’s a lot of that going around. For one, I had certain expectations for how the editing of my novella would go, and it turns out expectations really do ruin things! I don’t have any particular issue with the editing. It’s mainly, confusion…In that, the editor did grammar, spelling, punctuation, and all that, but the ‘story’ edit has left me with more questions than answers. Not that I disagree with much, the need for clarity is fine, sometimes what I have in my head I forget to put doen because, well, i know it already and assume readers will too, only, there’s no-one I know who is actually psychic. So, clarification of certain things is a must. A little more detail, character info, relationships, and all that, I’m happy to set that record straight. No problem. It’s the fact that once I do this, what happens then? My editor has said I can ask questions etc. about the editing, but my issue is, what about once I put new sections in? There’s bound to be issues such as spelling, punctuation and grammar, not to mention, the story as a whole, once changes are made. Plus, my editor is on holiday now, so I’m kind of left hanging…!?

Sticking with confusion, the whole house move, well, that’s not simple either. The original property we picked needed way too much work and money to make it habitable, never mind nice. So, we decided not to take that one and started the whole process again with a different property in the same area. This one is much nicer, just needs a bit of redecoration and the garden tidying up. There’s hard standing out back for me to have a private work space, which I’m thrilled about, of course. Now it’s a waiting game for the keys and a full viewing, not peering through the windows and doing guess work.

Let’s get on to calamity, shall we? Well, the house move can be lumped into that category, but instead of repeating myself with the above information, I’ll lump it together with the mass of boxes, upheavel, and stress of sorting out a move, pretty much single handedly and the task of doing a novella, editing, getting a cover sorted, general life, ups and downs, and the usual stress that makes me want to scream until my throat is raw!!

And, last but not least, collaboration. There’s the Scriptorium project, which I’m a part of with four other authors/writers. A task that isn’t always easy, but I quite like the Flash Fiction etc.  As with most things that are a mixed bag of different people and ideas, it’s not always even and it’s not always simple (there’s that word again). Anyhow, I’ve also got the coverart to sort for my novella, and the task of getting it all set up onto an allowed format for Createspace, alongside the artist, and there’s also another short I’m planning to publish in the Autumn.

There’s a lot of work to do. Right now, I’m not in the mood for much writing. I’ve been reading instead. I haven’t been on social media all that much. There’s a lot more happening here that I haven’t said, but it’s all a factor in the ‘writing slump’ I’m currently experiencing. *sigh* I’m sure it will pass. It has to.


4 thoughts on “Confusion. Calamity. Collaboration.

    1. Thanks!! 🙂 Somedays are full of hair pulling moments, especially when trying to deal with writing, working, family, and life!! Plus, I’ve got to print off my MS and go through the file from my editor, then rewrite, and make additions!! Not to mention move house at pretty much the same time! I like to keep busy, but this is getting ridiculous!! *sigh* Least I get my own office though! A bonus! 😀

      1. Yeah, I know what moving is like. I can’t say I’ve ever had all that other stuff at the same time though…

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