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At The Finish Line

Hey there! This is my Monday blog time. So, here goes with the news!

As some of you may know, I’ve been scribbling or rather typing away at a novella for the past few months. Now, it’s complete. It got two drafts and a self-edit. Yesterday, it got sent off to the editor for it’s professional makeover and I’m really excited to find out what changes may be reccommended and how it will look once it’s been nicely polished. It’s not a cheap thing to do, getting a prefessional for any kind of job can prove costly. I’m going with the common sense theory that it’ll be well worth it. It will give my novella the right kind of feel and look that I’m after. Plus, as a writer, I tend to overlook certain things and spelling is an issue because my brain and eyes tell me that word is right, but turns out the letters are the wrong way round! So, it takes a fresh eye to weed all those transgressions out of the manuscript and let me know when I’ve made a mistake. The novella is getting a full edit, and my editor has given me the sage advice that he doesn’t bite and I’m welcome to discuss things with him at any stage of the process, which is always good.  *rubs hands together in glee* Can’t wait for the finish!

Anyhow, with most self-published projects, namely writing, there’s the issue of cover or coverart. I’ve gone with the option of having an artist I know really well to sort that out for me. She did the artwork on my FB and Twitter, which is the basis for my novel, Wolf Born (this has a release of 2016) and I was thrilled with the result and asked her to do me a cover for my Novella, Vastian Lore. We had a few discussions and the art is underway right now. It’s coming along well, and I’m quite pleased with how it’s turning out. Becky has shown she understands exactly where I’m coming from and even went the extra mile by researching how clockwork functions in order to make her imagery really pop in a realistic and intriguing manner. I think readers will love it as well. Even in its rough stage it makes me want to read the book and I wrote it! 🙂

Becky will also be helping me out with the Createspace section of my books release. She’s doing me a backcover and a spine, plus she’s going to help me sort out the format etc.

I’m just starting out in the self-publishing market and so Becky will be getting a small fee and a free copy of the novella as payment for her hard work. Naturally, this sort of agreement isn’t always possible for everyone. I’m just fortunate enough to have an artist on my doorstep who is happy to help me out.

Right now, I’m taking a step back from writing. Meeting deadlines has been really hard. Actually having that set date was a lot more tricky than I expected. It didn’t help that I added an extra scene to my novella!

I’m thinking of doing a couple of furniture projects I’ve got lined up. At the weekend I bought an old Singer sowing machine table, which still had patterns inside, bobbins, thread etc. So, I’m going to do it up and use it as a laptop table. I may try out the sowing machine, but I’m not expecting much success as I’m used to using this new fangled electric gizmo that a manual machine may be beyond my limited capabilities in the sowing department!! I even thought about doing the old pattern I found, which was for a romper suit, but we’ll see.

Staying with the furniture. We needed a new dining table that could be folded away when not in use and found an older, vintage one at the charity shop along with the Singer table and got it for £10. A bargain. Good thing too as the Singer table was £70, so I really needed something cheap, but good quality. The dinging table is of good solid wood and quite heavy. It’s got a dark finish at the moment, but I’m going to use some Furniture Chalk Paint and do it all up! Then, I need to find some cheap chairs to go with it.

I’ve also got the school hols coming up, so there’s activities to organise and I’ll be busy with all that aswell. There’ll be beach time, bubble machines, chalking on the patio and all the fun that goes with that! 🙂

I’m hoping to have the novella out by August, but it’s looking like It’ll be near the end of the month as editing takes time and I’ll more than likely have a rewrite to do. Plus, there’s Createspace to organise and I’m not sure how long all that will take. I’ll be sending newsletters to be subscribers detailing the official release and also posting on this blog and the one of my website. So, hopefully, Vastian Lore will get some willing and enthusiastic test subjects…Err, I mean readers. *fingers crossed* I’ve also got to get an advanced copy as I don’t want to do all that work and then find out the book has some glaring errors, or the cover hasn’t come out right. Then, I’ll be doing a competition to offer the ARC as a prize, maybe as some sort of lottery selection?

As if I don’t have enough on, right?!!

To be honest, though, writing is a lot of hard work and plenty of graft to go with that too, but it’s enjoyable when it all comes together, when readers like what you wrote and want the next thing or want to know when or what you’re doing next. That’s satisfying, like you know, yep, that’s a job well done. It’s smile inducing! 🙂

With all that going on, I’m also planning on another short after the novella, probably in the Autumn, before the novel is due to come out in 2016. Then, It’ll be on to the second book of the Wolf Born series. Exciting times.

Have a good day everyone and thanks for reading! 🙂


6 thoughts on “At The Finish Line

    Sorry, seamstress and antique lover here. (as evidenced by my typewriter, I suppose…) 🙂

    Anyway… Good luck with your novella! How do we sign up to become test subjects? 🙂 Lol.

    1. Don’t worry I’m keeping the singer it’s integrated into the table! I’ll have to take some pictures once it’s delivered Wednesday! It’s pretty awesome!

      As for test subjects…Well, I’m at professional editing stage with view to publishing in mid August! It’s an exciting time! 🙂

      Sent from my Windows Phone ________________________________

      1. Lol, whew!! 🙂
        I had a chance to get my hands on one once, and I’ve been regretting ever since that I let it go.
        Ooh, August! Are we going to get paperbacks? Or is it just in e-book form?

      2. I’ve been wanting a Singer table for ages!

        The novella will be available as both ebook and paperback as my short story is only an ebook and a few people have asked that very same question, so thought I’d oblige them and do a hardcopy as well! 🙂

        Sent from my Windows Phone ________________________________

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