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Second Drafts

Ok, I’m delving into the world of my upcoming novel with a novella that I’d assumed would be about 30,000 words. Turns out, I was mistaken and the story, not to mention the characters veered off onto a different path.

The first draft, which to to be fair, was just a skeleton of an idea really was under 19,000 words.

Now, I’m onto the second draft where I bash the story into something meatier that actually has flesh on its bones, rather than mere sinew. (apologies for the butchery metaphors etc.) Anyhow, I’m onto over 20,000 words now as I’ve added a new scene, which I believe is relevant to the story and shows my main protogonist to be reacting in a bad way to his current situation.  Like running off, being argumentative and generally irritating to the rest of the characters who are only trying to save everyone else who are likely oblivious to what’s really going on anyway.

Right, so, back to the whole 30,000 word count. I don’t usually set myself a specific wordcount before I start to write, hence why my short stories are sometimes more like flash fiction and I only have one that is up to a word count in the thousands. However, I needed a rough idea for the editor I’ve contacted and am planning to use for my novella. This was so they could get an idea for price and amount of editing required. My allotted date is set for 20th July and I’m just hoping it’s all good.

I’m not expecting the editor to go and say, wow, this is so amazing, it really doesn’t need much in the way of editing. I’m not that naive. I only hope they don’t throw up their hands in despair. Although, from the replies I’ve recieved after I sent my samples in wasn’t terrible or anything. The editor agreed to work with me after all.

This is all new to me. I want my work to be the best it can be. My short story on Amazon was an impulsive press on the publish button, to see what would happen. A bad idea. The cover isn’t good enough. I know that. The actual story has errors and needs a professional eye to look it over. All of those updates are in the pipeline.

My novella will have a professional cover, additonal artwork provided by the artist who has created by Wolf Born images and the novella will also be professionally edited. No more short cuts for me.

I know that it’s an initial outlay of cash that isn’t easily affordable, but I live in the hopes it’ll all be worth it in the end. That people will purchase my stories, but more than that, enjoy the experience too!

I’ve currently got another short story in the works as well, to be released in the Autumn of 2015. My novel will be completed this year and also edited by someone who knows that they’re doing and should be released in 2016. Then, all I’ve got to do is get the second novel and the third novel in the series out! Should be fun.

I mean, I love writing and all! It’s the admin and the advertising of myself that I find really difficult. Give me a WIP and a character facing death defying situations over trying to make myself sound interesting any day!

Anyhow, that’s all my gossip for the moment.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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