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Let’s Get Real People!

Ok, so I have no issue with reviewing other writer’s stories/books/work. It’s always great to find a new writer that pulls you into a brand new world filled with awesome characters and a really great story.

However I have an issue with spam and not the sort you find in a can. Just because I flick onto something on Facebook or Twitter doesn’t automatically give strangers the right to Private Message me. I find this rude.

As writers we all want our work to do well. Many of us wish to publish and we want folks to buy our work, but I would never PM/DM anyone if I don’t follow them, know them, or I’ve been asked for a link.

What I don’t appreciate is a stranger coming along and assuming I want to read the work of someone who can’t even spell my name correctly and who thinks it’s ok to spam my inbox. That will not get me to read/buy your work. In the same way I wouldn’t expect folks to reciporicate if I did something like that.

I know I’m ranting, but actually, I found it quite upsetting because it shows a level of inconsideration for others. And it gives a bad name to other indie publishers who are trying their hardest to be taken seriously.

If any writer I follow wants me to read an excerpt I’m more than happy to do so.

I’ve got a list of books I want to read, but this darn deadline is holding me tight in its fist. *sigh*

For my followers and (I hope) friends on social media and this blog, please don’t think my complaints were aimed at you. All of you are the greatest, friendliest bunch of folks I’ve ever had the happy chance of getting to know! Many of you have given me advice and read my poor efforts at writing, and even given me some moral boosting commentary and a few helpful suggestions.

What do you think? Spam? No spam? Or does it leave a bad taste in your mouth?


4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Real People!

  1. I hate getting those messages. I don’t even like it when I follow someone on Twitter, and I get that automatic message of “Follow me here on Facebook.” Luckily, I haven’t had many people asking me to read their books. The answer would definitely be no if they bothered me though.

    1. Oh yes! I’ve had quite a few of those, which in itself isn’t always bad, just annoying, It’s when you try to reply and realise they haven’t followed you back or that they have no interest in getting to know you, it’s all about advertising their own products. I didn’t reply to the message I recieved. If someone wants to read my stuff, great! I won’t harass folks though!

    1. I don’t get this often. Usually on Twitter you get those followers who offer you the chance to ‘buy’ your own followers, which is another thing I don’t like. Normally on my other sites, folks are polite and considerate, you just get the odd one, which, when it happens, is why it annoyes me more, I think.

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