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Help! My Brain Is Melting!

Honestly, it’s already well over 25 degrees celsius at 9:30am! What’s up with that? To add to the bad news, it’s going to be 35 degrees celsius by dinner time. And while some folks may love the sun and the heat, I prefer to be cold and put on a jumper, rather than feel my skull acting as an oven and cooking all the juice out of my brain!

It makes it very hard to concentrate. Not to mention inspire cravings for BBQ food! All of this distraction makes it very difficult to get writing done. However, I’ve managed to complete my novella and am currently in the process of editing, filling in certain gaps and cutting out bits/words that don’t add to the story. The novella isn’t half as long as I thought it might be. In fact, it’s probably just in the category of the wordcount normally associated with a novella. I’ll likely have about 20,000 words in total, (give or take a few) where as I was hoping for about 30,000 or at least thinking it would be that long. Turns out my characters disagree with my theory.

They’re quite happy with the story they’ve told through my fingers and don’t think I should mess around with the essence of their story too much (I beleieve threats of violence or turning me into a toad were mentioned) I’ve since learnt (actually that was my first lesson) to pay attention to my story and the characters, then I don’t mess up so much of the good stuff.

In the past week I’ve been researching a lot of stuff about writing techniques, honesty in writing, how to form good dialogue, trim the excess fat (or words) and my head is crammed full of all these useful tips that I really don’t think I can fit anything else in right now. Some of the things I’ve picked up I already use in my writing as standard, and quite a few of the posts I’ve read are offering some new and interesting suggestions.  It’s well worth the effort to seek out these posts and add them to your writing repetoire. Nate Philbrick: @Flashflood14  is one such person who is worth following for tips and advice on writing, sprinkled with a little humour.

If anyone’s interested in finding out about my future writing plans, then please, head over to and check out my site. I’ve got a blog on there too, which is mostly limited to writing, projects, flash fiction and the joint venture: the scriptorium.

Anyhow, I’d best get back to my novella. I’ve got a deadline, don’t you know? 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂


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