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Time is Running out…!

Ok, so far I’ve got a few entries for the Flash Fiction competition running on my site, but to be perfectly honest I could do with a few more. So, if you haven’t started typing yet, please remember there is only one day left! The competition ends 19th June! It would be really great if you could send me your stories. There’s the chance to win some pretty cool prizes, such as a Wolf Born pen, artwork by Becky Hargreaves, not to mention just flexing those brain cells, sparking a little creativity into a less than 1000 word story. Either visit my site at: or check out my blog relating to Flash Fiction and Info Dump with an alternate option to enter if your PC doesn’t support Wix.

DSC00805 These are a few of my promotional items, including the aforementioned pen! The artwork relates to my upcoming novel Wolf Born.

Onto other writerly news! I’ve sent samples from my novella off to a potential editor and am hoping for some good news about whether we can work together on my WIP and make sure it’s the best it can be. *anxiously chews fingernails* Seriously, it’s very stressful awaiting the response from someone who may or may not like your work, never mind actually want to help you improve it. I’ll post updates as soon as I get any!

I’m hoping for more artwork for my novella from the same artist who did my Wolf Born stuff, but these things take time. Then, I’ll have to smile sweetly at my eldest to do the graphic stuff for the title etc. once the artwork is complete. The novella should *fingers crossed* be out for late Summer 2015 and my novel by New Year 2016, if all goes to plan, of course. Right now, my stress levels are in the red!

We’re still waiting to move. *yawn* The new house needs replastering, new skirting, new kitchen worktops, some cupboards and handles replacing, new bath taps…the list goes on and on. So, we may not be in until the kids are about to break up for the holidays. This means I’m surrounded by boxes because trying to move house as a family is no easy thing and preparation is a major key in being organised. *laughs hysterically*

At the moment, we’re busy with hospital appointments, me and my eldest, for different and various ailments, and we’re both pretty sick of doctors right now.

I did have a little chuckle today when opening my inbox to check things out and do my admin, I found a message from Amazon saying there may some books I’d like to read and top of the list was my own published short story, Sorceress: Beware What You Believe. Hilarious! 😀

Mentioning my short brings me onto the promotion I did last week and I was quite please that it sold several copies in only a few days, which brings me onto my next dastardly writing plan. I’m intending to give Sorceress a brand new cover, one that is more eye catching than the original, Amazon stock photo. I’m also intending on altering the title to, Sortiarius, which basically means, Sorceress/Sorcery anyway (once I unpack my research books at the new house I’ll calrify this for certain). I’m also planning to add an excerpt to the back of the book from my novella, just to whet the appetites of readers who might be interested in what I’m going to publish next! I’m also thinking about taking the price down to 99p on a permanent basis, but I’ll update everyone when I know more.  I’ve never been completely happy about putting it on for the recommended £2.01 (US $2.99) anyway.

Ok, that’s all for now.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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