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Submissions! Flash Fiction! And Info Dump…

Following my recent post, If Only I Were Eloquent, I’ve recieved a comment asking about the Flash Fiction Competition I have set up on my website and as their computer is struggling to support Wix, I willingly offered to help out and send them another way to enter.

The competition runs until 19th June and is basically a bit of fun, with the added benefit of winning an awesome prize as well as the opportunity to get creative. There will be three winning places up for grabs, with the chance to win either a Wolf Born pen, Key ring or Postcard, with original artwork courtesy of Becky Hargreaves.

If anyone else would like to enter, but is having issues loading Wix, then please feel free to choose from the following options:

Theme: Steampunk, Clockwork, or Supernatural.

Choose either: Myth, Monster, or Machines

And finally, pick your setting: Forest, Ocean or Desert.

The word count should be no longer than 1000 words and all stories will be judged independantly, and the first prize winner will get the chance for their work to be put up on my website, and linked to my various other social media accounts as well winning a cool prize! There are no limits, fantasy, urban, Sci-Fi, anything goes…

Just nothing explicit…My readers range from teenagers to adults…So please bear this in mind…

Please send your entry to under the heading: Flash Fiction. Thank you.

As for other news…Sorceress; Beware What You Believe will be up for a limited time only promotion, starting 5th June, it will be available for a paltry 99p (99c in the US and Amazon.Com) Also, please be aware that this book will be getting a new cover very soon…And the story is a prequel to my upcoming Novella and Novel.

Reviews are all important to me, so that I can improve my work. Honest critique is always welcome.

Coming Soon! I’ll be doing a post on Query Letters as these are (despite being self-published) still an issue for me. There is a possibility that I’ll be taking up the mantle of hybrid publishing and also a forthcoming competition requires a Query Letter, so it’s currently releveant for me personally. As I like to share, I thought it only fair that other writers should have the opportunity to sweat in their seats just like I will be…! 🙂

I’ll let you know what happens with the new mystery competition I’ll be entering.

As I’m involved with a joint endeavour along with several other writers, I’d like to point out that I’ve got some Flash Fiction up on there, Dabbling In Magic, and there is also the chance for you to vote on next months theme, which will be up soon! (currently we’re all in the midst of writing June’s Flash Fiction). Let me know what you think…!

And thanks for reading! 🙂


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