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If only I were Eloquent…

It’s true, very true that writing is not an easy thing to accomplish. Many artists and writers are thwarted by all those squirmy little demons inside our heads that just won’t quit telling us we’re not good enough.

Personally, I tell them to shut the heck up (or words to that effect) I’m far too busy writing, researching, and creating to spend time listening to all their voices and inevetiable lies!

There are days, though, when the demons get the better of me as a person and a writer. Sometimes my work can be practically writing itself or some artwork turns out really good and I think, did I really do that? Other times, more often than not, I’ll look back at something I wrote and feel like chucking the laptop or PC screen out the nearest window, although that isn’t as satisfying as scrunching up a piece of paper and throwing it in the bin or at the nearest wall. It’s frustrating because a few of my closest supporters will often say, you have a talent, use it, don’t waste it. If only it was so easy. If only I had their level of confidence in my abilities…Or believed even one word of their glowing praise.

I guess being brought up to be a practical person firmly set in the world of reality hasn’t helped my creativity. Childish things were set aside before I hit adulthood through a state of necessary realisation that someone had to step up to the plate and help out with family and the home because who else would? I don’t want that to be my life, or some foolish excuse. I made my descision and it’s over. Being independant has helped me to overcome obstacles set in my path, it’s aided me with having a family, taking care of kids, the house, bills, and always striving to fight my way through things. In that I am grateful.

However, there are times when I am too practically minded that it stunts my ability to create, muffles it and buries it under a tide of responsibility, to housework, to reality, to feeling inaduequate. I’ll never be good enough, not as a person, a mother, a wife, and especially not a writer. I argue back, tell those voices to shut their mouths, and sometimes, I need support from my husband, and even my eldest child. Their words and ecouragement really help me, but it’s the fighter within me that pushes forwards and never quits.

On a lighter note, there is light at the end of the tunnel in the form of my work, my novella, my novel and my short, which is selling slowly and steadily. It has shown me that people like what I write and want more, but that there is always room for improvement, hence the requirement of an editor and an artist for the cover (no more Amazon stock images). Possibly, the short will be taken off once the novella is up and running and will be added to an anthology of short works that I am striving to fit in with all my other projects.

I’m writing this blog, not as a negative rambling of disjointed misery, but rather to encourage those who do have doubts, kick those demons into touch and send them packing!!

On a side note, of anyone has been on my new website and read my blog, then you’ll know I enjoy interviewing upcoming writers and indie authors, to not only promote their work but also themselves as interesting and creative people who deserve recognition for their craft. Please see my previous posts on @gunterwritng and @london_nathalie that answer a few intriguing questions we’d like answers to, both as readers and writers.

If anyone is interested in getting a bit of extra promotion, then contact me at and leave your contact info, plus a brief summmary of your work and I’ll get back to you!

All queries welcome, but serious requests only, and please follow the guidlines set out above, thank you!!

Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “If only I were Eloquent…

  1. Hey, Ms. Gregory! I had heard of a contest of something of the sort coming up on your other website, but my computer can’t handle the site. I was excited about the contest, so is there any other way I could possibly get into it?

    1. Sure, no worries!! The contest has various options for you to base your story around, the themes are: Steampunk, Clockwork or Supernatural (please choose one) And then choose out of the following: Myth, Monsters, Machines and finally choose your setting: Forest, Ocean or Desert. Have fun creating, but please keep the word count to a maximum of 1000. Just send your submission to under the heading Flash Fiction. Thank you!! πŸ™‚

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