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Hey there all!! It’s been a while since I posted, mainly because I don’t really like just waffling on about stuff that is so boring it sends me to sleep just typing! šŸ™‚

Well, it’s been pretty quiet over here on the home-front, what with having to wait for the locks to be changed on the new property we’re moving into, hopefully soon. With this in mind, though, it will take at least another eight weeks to complete, so we get to be more organised *laughs ironically* and to save more money for any work that needs to be done before we move in. Anyhow, that’s the mundane stuff out of the way!

Right now, the writing that I’m trying to make a living out of is doing alright, so far. Sorceress: Beware What You Believe is selling slowly on Amazon, but it IS selling. That’s one positive. Another development is that it has been put up on Goodreads now, courtesy of @gunterwriting, which is just another string to my bow, or whatever terminology is appropriate!! The novella I’m writing is coming along. I have the basic premise of an idea and have started the first draft, whichĀ has beenĀ erased once already and replaced with 792 brand new words. This was down to the beginning just not having enough of a ‘smack you in face’ pop of action. Editing of Wolf Born is progressing. Not as quickly as I’d have liked, but it’s getting there. Will I meet my deadline? I blooming well hope so. šŸ˜€

Getting down to the nitty gritty stuff, I’ve now completed two Writer Conferences with @gunterwriting, @TheRiseOfAredor and @London_nathalie,Ā (Allison couldn’t be there due to other commitments), to discuss the possibility of a joint website andĀ anthology.Ā Up to now we’ve managed to nail down a title for the site which is, The Scriptorium and the theme of the anthology is looking like it’ll be Ghouls/Ghosts. On the site there will be separate Author Pages for each of us and there is looking to beĀ competitions and a bout of Flash Fiction. Look out for updates on our progress. It looks to be interesting to say the least, but such a project takes a lot of time and energy from all those involved.

Next thing on the agenda, is my own Flash Fiction competition, for which there is Poll up and running on my website asking all you readers, writers and followers whether you’d like to have the chance to win a Wolf Born pen, Key ring and the chance to get your writing on my site, linked to my variousĀ other accounts!Ā The end date for the Poll is pencilled in forĀ Friday, so get voting and lets see what we can come up with!

The options for the Flash Fiction competition will be set up on my site after the Poll has finished, with various themes/perhaps a suitably atmospheric photo or even a sentence, then writers get the chance to type what they find appropriate. All entries will be judged by independentĀ  judges/readers who will pick three of their favourites. I’ll set up an appropriate entry form once the Poll is done and anyone who wishes to enter need only fill in a few details and we’ll get started! I’m looking forward to reading!! šŸ™‚

Please go to to put your vote on the Poll or even to just browse and maybe sign up for the newsletter! *crosses fingers in hope*

The artwork for Wolf Born is now complete thanks to Becky Hargreaves and will be used for promotional purposes and may even be the cover of the novel, once editing is complete. Recently, I ordered my business cards with the very same design, and also key rings, a pen and my personal favourite, my very own mouse pad.

Anyone interested in having one of these items for their very own, please leave a comment on my website. I’m thinking of possibly, in the future,Ā having an online shop, likely once the novel is published and then people can purchase items linked to my work, original artwork and also my books as well!


It may look like it’s all work and no play on my blog at the moment, but it’sĀ a joy to share my progress and let folks know, yes, there is a novel on its way!

Next blog will feature some of what I’ve learnt regarding editing and finding a freelance editor for self-publishing authors, with kudos going to the wonderful people who have shared their knowledge.Ā  There will be a little info on ISBN and the talk about whether you need one and what it actually does for you as an author.

Thanks goes out to @London_Nathalie and @gunterwritingĀ plus all the other great folks who have already signed up for the newsletter and have shown me a lot of support over the past few months.

Once again, thanks to all who have read this blog. šŸ™‚

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