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Nothing In Life is Ever Easy!

Oh yeah, most if us have heard that old steaming pile of chestnuts at some point or other!! Personally, I have to agree with the statement, despite my more positive alter ego desperately trying to stop me typing these words.

It’s not that I want to wallow in past issues or that I want to appear somewhat pessimistic. I like to think I’m a more glass half full kind of person. I’m always hoping to turn that corner and find a wonderful, magical world where great possibilities are handed out like free candy! Although, I do know, realistically, that is unlikely.

Maybe, that’s why I write so much about different worlds, about magic and mystery and the wonder of fantasy such as David Gemmel and Eddings wrote and which I have thoroughly enjoyed, and books that I go back to over and over again! To write something that good, or even half as good, would be a dream come true.

I’ve just sorted my business cards and a few other promotional odd and ends that I just couldn’t resist. I mean, who can avoid pressing the add button to your very own mouse mat with your commissioned artwork on?! I’ve also bought a little something that I’m going to put forward for a competition. No idea, what the details will be, but I’m hoping for something entertaining and awesome!! I’ll post a little poll on my website and see how it all goes!! If any readers want to check it out, be my guest and have a little peek into the hidden world that resides in my head…

Anyhow, still on the theme of writing, I’ve set myself a deadline *gasp* of the first week in September to have finished Wolf Born and to get it ready for an editor that isn’t me! It shouldn’t be too hard, as the novel is basically written and just needs polishing!! Saying that, you never know what might crop up. However, I’m determined to have it all completed by my deadline and to have some funds to pay the aforementioned editor.

There is a possibility that due to my lack of foresight into the world of editing this may push my actual publication date back some ways and the novel may not be available until later in 2016. Bearing this in mind, I’m setting myself onto the road of publishing a novella, just to keep folks interested!

One of my readers who has bought Sorceress: Beware What You Believe eagerly asked when the novel will be out, so I know I can’t disappoint such an avid fan and this has bumped up the pace, hence the deadline.

I’ll be pushing for some more artwork to go with the novella, so no doubt, I’ll post progress here and let everyone know how it’s all going.

I’ve got a few other ideas bouncing around that don’t have solid form, yet, so I’ll update soon as I know more!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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