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Write! Write! And Right Again!

Right! Let’s get down to business! I haven’t posted in a while, so apologies for the lapse. It’s not down to anything specific, just been sorting a few projects, some new, some old. I’m doing another Q&A as the one I did with Michael Gunter was quite popular. This time I’ll be interviewing Nathalie S London, writer of Curse of the Phoenix series that is yet to be published. I’m hoping the Q&A with help Nathalie gain some recognition for her hard work and perhaps she’ll get the call she’s been waiting for, who knows? The plan is to do the actual interview on 24th April and then publication will be on my website Monday 27th April. Hope you’ll all tune in to read!! Also, on the agenda has been a few writing projects I’ve been tinkering with in my own head before submitting any of them to paper, and there’s a plan to publish another story, maybe novella, but I’m not sure yet?

Good news, we’ve been offered a house, but don’t have the keys, yet! Just been signing paperwork and confirming details, really. So, no date for the move given at the moment! We don’t mind the delay because it gives us time to get organized and rid ourselves of any unwanted junk we don’t want to take with us. I’ll post when I have more details.

Still waiting for the artwork to be finished, so no new updates on that just yet. I’ll post soon as I’ve got my mitts on the finished article. Plans for competitions stewing in my brain, but no definite ideas. More artwork to be commissioned for my other projects as well, so I’m hoping to keep up the interest and anticipation for my upcoming work and stories.

Anyone interested in reading some of my other work that is available on Wattpad, please go to @gregor1180 to discover even more strange new worlds and mysterious characters that rarely do what I expect, so who knows how readers perceive their antics! 🙂

As for the title of my blog, well, that’s down to the basic fact that I’ve been reading a lot of information regarding s0-called advice for writers and how to increase your  social media standing, how to write a good story, what to do about publishing, and so on and so forth…Some of this advice contradicts what has gone before, but not all is useless. I particularly like Chuck Wendig and his forthright posts on the matter of writing! I find his advice to be most useful to me, personally, and also a good kick in the butt to get me motivated! I like that he suggests if something isn’t working go onto another project, and don’t stop, keep on writing. So, that’s what I’m doing, writing, and more writing!! It’s difficult to let go of a story, but I have shelved certain projects before and left them to settle before going back, while I carry on with something else just to keep me writing.

A lot of my work centres around causes, how things happen, why, how characters deal with the changes, and most importantly, I try really hard not to place cardboard characters/situations into my work. I like to cut to the bone, sometimes that means people die in my work, occasionally not in a very nice manner. I use these situations to allow characters to grow, or change, and to show how people deal with death. There is always darkness, but it only takes one to search for the light and illuminate the path to a better life. Whether it all works out in the end, well, that’s for the story to show and the characters to tell!

Critique and even reviews can be daunting affairs. It isn’t always certain how readers will take my work, how they will decide to comment, if they do at all, but I don’t mind so long as reviews are honest. I find most to be quite helpful in showing me how to improve my work and make it a better read for others.

I’m hoping to have more information soon regarding future publishing, so will keep everyone posted on what’s happening and how far along I’ve gotten with the novel and other work.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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