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How Does It Feel To Be Boxed In? Well, I’ll tell you…

I’m not talking about feeling trapped or threatened in anyway, but rather the effect that having lots and lots of packing boxes stacked up in my home that even sitting on the sofa makes me feel like I’m inside a miniature fort!

It’s always hectic in our house, mainly on my side because I’m not the sort of person who can sit still very long, even working on my book or a story my mind races with ideas as I’m writing and I have to get up every now and then to stretch my legs a bit and do the odd chore as required! What I’m realising now is how I’ve let a few things slide as I’ve gotten more and more focused on my writing, so getting the new move organised is proving to be one of my biggest chores to date! However, my philosophy is that it’s always good to have a clear out! 🙂

So, as you’ve probably guessed, we’ve won the bidding on a house in an area we lived in previously and is going to offer all our kids the chance to have their own rooms! On the downside, I may have to give up my gorgeous, white glass table as the kitchen is likely to be smaller than our current one, but we all have to make sacrifices and the peace this house will provide will be worth it! We’ve just got to wait for the final bit of paperwork and a home review to make sure we’re not crazy people with a fetish for destructive DIY. The social housing people just want to ensure tenants will take care of the property they are offered, which is fair enough! After that, I believe an inspector will be sent into the new property to see what work needs to be carried out before we get the keys and then it’s all hands to the paintbrushes and wallpaper paste! 🙂 I’ll let you know how that goes…!

And as a further update, the Q&A with Michael Gunter went well, even if it was time consuming due to internet connection and a few teething problems! All in all I managed to draw out a few secrets and find out some information that hasn’t even made it on Michael’s own blog yet! I’ll be posting the results on my Author Page, linked to here and my FB page and Twitter, so all readers will get a chance to find out about this great, upcoming writer! I found the tit-bits on Hunter were extremely interesting!! The post will take place Friday, be there or be square…Don’t miss out on your chance to discover a few interesting facts! 🙂

As for me, well, I’m slowly getting there! Actually, that’s not true, I’m speeding along with quite a few projects! Not only have I done my Author Website, I’ve also added a newsletter for anyone interested in getting monthly bursts of updates, reviews, progress with writing, competitions, and maybe even further interviews!!

The short story is doing ok! There are issues! Reviews seem to be a problem and aren’t being published by Amazon. I’m not sure why? So, that will be my next thing on an ever growing list! Sorceress has sold a few copies now, which I’m very pleased about! Reviews are more important to me at this stage and I’ll be sorting whatever is stopping them from coming up!

Wolf Born is in that frustrating editing stage where I’m starting to go cross-eyed looking at what I’ve written over and over again. I don’t want to take too long though getting it out and published! I’m thinking while it is being edited by a freelance professional I’ll self-publish a related short, maybe with an excerpt from the novel included at the end on the back page…Maybe? It’s all still a work in progress!

The move may slow me down a bit! Such as when my computer gets unplugged and relocated, but have no fear I shall be busy taking notes and doing my research from books, which I’ll have to make sure don’t get packed until the last minute, but seeing as I’m doing most if not all the packing that shouldn’t be a problem…I say that tentatively! 😀

Anyhow, thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out the Q&A with Michael Gunter on Friday 10th April! 🙂

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