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Getting Started…!

Ok, so I’ve got a headache today, but I’ve got to write something, just can’t concentrate on the novel right now, due to the above mentioned pain in the head and also the many things playing on my mind!

That aside, I’ve been tinkering with my new Author Page, which is starting to get itself together now and look pretty good, with a blog (can’t get the comments box to work just yet), there’s also a mailing list for all you lucky readers and followers to get monthly updates on my progress and events. If you want to take a look the support would be very much appreciated. The link is

I’ve also got Q&A planned with @gunterwriting about his progress with Hunter, his serial Twicebound and also any upcoming projects he’s got stowed up his sleeve, like any potential publishing ambitions?!

For me, well, let’s see, my short story published on Amazon has been loaned on the lending library, and purchased twice so far. Yes, with actually money! I’ve earned an astonishing £2.32! Truthfully, though, all is appreciated, and constructive comments even more so. (plus maybe a few five stars wouldn’t go amiss) 🙂

All in all, Sorceress is doing ok and I’m happy with all that so far!

I’ve had a few queries from potential readers of Sorceress that they don’t have a Kindle, so how can they read it and help support a newly fledged author and so I’ve given out the much needed information that you can download the Kindle App for free onto any device and read my story on your PC as well!

Seriously, everyone, I really am grateful for all the support I’ve received so far and kudos has to go out to my very first purchaser of Sorceress…drumroll please…round of applause…for…@DaveGregorydsg for his willingness to be the very first to press the Buy Button. Thank you!! We’re struggling to find his review at the moment, but that’s just one small hiccup in a long line of issues with self-publishing.

There have been a few hitches along the way, but nothing really major. Amazon had to re-do my Author Page on their end as it had been accidentally set up on instead of and so wouldn’t let me log in the next day! That’s all been sorted now. I’ve got a few updates to do on my side of things, such as my Bio and getting it to stand out, whilst being informative!

I’m learning as I go, with a few tips from fellow writers and I think, I’ll be good to go for the next stage in my ambitious plans for world domination…I mean, getting my novel published, yeah, that’s it. 😀

The commissioned artwork is coming along nicely and I’ll be posting about that as soon as I get my hands on the finished article, once I’ve finished admiring it for myself, of course!!

It’s pretty hectic here, but I’ll do my best to keep everyone posted!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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