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Self-Published! Author Website! And Much, Much More to Tell…

Hey there everybody, I’m just checking in to update all my readers and followers and let you know that I’ve got an Author Website up and running. There is a blog attached, but I’m thinking I’ll still keep my WordPress account going too as this is where I started out and the blog on my Author Page doesn’t really leave room for comments, it’s basically just me telling everyone what’s happening with writing and future projects, really.

The link to my Author Page is if anyone’s interested in checking it out and getting back to me with some useful comments, like how to improve, what stuff you’d like to see on there.

I’m tinkering with the idea of a newsletter, once I’ve gotten a little further into the whole process of getting a full length novel out there and have a bit more to tell, such as events, interviews (yeah, I wish) and also competitions.

I’ve got some artwork due, which I have commissioned for Wolf Born and by the looks of the previews I’ve been sent it’s going to be awesome. I’m impressed and it’s only at the sketching stage! The artwork is going to be used for certain projects, such as bookmarks, business cards, and other stuff (maybe even a mug). It is entirely possible I’ll use the artwork for my cover. It’s just got the potential to be that good! I’ll let you know.

Yep, yep, I’m self-published now, my short story, Sorceress as you will all know by now has been linked on Amazon and is available for download. At the moment it’s showing that the lending library section has been used to view my story, so someone is or has looked! What I’m really after, though, is reviews/comments, both constructive and helpful, in order to adjust certain issues with Wolf Born as Sorceress is a sort of prequel, if you like, a little glimpse into the world of my novel!

If anyone has read my previous work posted on this blog or is a follower of my Wattpad account, then I believe you’ll like Sorceress, although, it’s entirely possible, I’ll get a bit of stick for it being a short story rather than a full length novel or even a novella. Rest assured, however, I’m working on getting Wolf Born completed ASAP!

Unfortunately, personal stuff has gotten in the way a little, not that I haven’t been writing, just not getting as much done as I’d have liked, given my self-imposed deadline of July/August which I thought was miles away, but now, it’s April already! I have no doubt I’ll complete, but it may be September now!

So…What else? Well, we’re planning a move to a bigger house, which means the house we’re currently living in is in total disarray, with boxes all over the place, bubble wrap, packing tape, and all the usual paraphernalia you get when moving! Sadly, this is all my doing, as I like to be prepared. We don’t have a definite house to move into, yet. Over here, when renting through social housing you go through an online bidding system. We’re technically overcrowded, according to government regulations and all that, but nothing guaranteed. We bid on one lovely house that would have been perfect and were top of the list until someone with a higher bed need than us put in their bid, and then we dropped down the list! I put that bad case of misfortune down to the fact one of the kids smashed a large mirror, until that happened we were in the running! Just hope we don’t get seven years of bad luck from that, though, I’d like a break (and not a broken leg) We just need some good to happen! (here’s to positive reinforcement) 😀

Anyway, despite all that, we’re still chugging along, trying to live, laugh and learn! My writing is going well and I’ve got a balance between my rickety back and the painkillers, so I’m no longer falling asleep at the drop of a hat!! Just getting on and hoping for some results from my self-publishing venture!

Wish me luck!

And thanks for reading 🙂

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