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Why the Prospect of Self-Publishing Makes my Head Hurt!!

Ok, well, let’s see, first of all there’s the whole get an editor, and preferably get one well in advance, which is understandable, if somewhat frustrating. There’s the entire days spent researching how to get said editor without getting ripped off by a con-artist or someone who isn’t a true professional! Not to mention the whole writing a Bio and not just one, but many, in order to suit the differing platforms on social media etc. There is the advice you think, do I follow this, or is it just going to cause me to stray from the true path? I’ve got notes and print outs with information on publishing, editing, writing, it goes on and on and on…yeah, you get the gist! 🙂

Anyway, I’ve also come across this ISBN debate about owning your own International Standard Book Number, that barcode that is on the back of most book covers, and all the ins and outs of yet another issue I never even thought about, never mind truly understood. I am not a business savvy person, I just want to write.

Regarding the ISBN it basically says some books may appear without one, when an author publishes privately, or does not follow the usual ISBN procedure, but this can be rectified later, apparently.

I throw my hands up in despair, really. I mean, all I want to do is self-publish and have people read and enjoy my stories. Now, I’ve got all this to deal with on top of all that? Seriously?

Sigh……I know, I know, I’ll have to just suck it up and jump that hurdle when it arises and hope I don’t get hit in the face with a big, fat mistake or worse!

Right now, my novel is in the editing stage, where I go through and sift the usual mistakes, the tenses, and make sure the story doesn’t fall flat, oh, and that it makes sense!

Sometimes ideas just leap into my head, I’ve come to learn that not all those random inspirations have a place in said story, or even in any story, no matter how awesomely cool they may be!!

I’ve been thinking…I know, a worry, but I may look to publishing one of my short stories/novellas while I’m busy with this novel. Just to test the waters, and hope there are no sharks…Just kidding! Seriously, though, I do have a couple of things I could publish now, after an editing, of course, that may set the scene for my novel!

Well, I better get back into my novel, or else I’ll be getting lynched by my protagonist for being too lapse in my writing attentiveness!!

Thanks all for reading! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Why the Prospect of Self-Publishing Makes my Head Hurt!!

  1. That was a really good post!!! I enjoyed it. 😉

    BTW, if you’d like to just write and deal with the publisher’s side of things (this is why I’d prefer traditional publishing) as little as possible, you might check out

    I’ve seen some good reviews of them, so you might look around. For $360, they pretty much get your book ready to go, including the ISBN hassle. I’m seriously considering them for “Thundercrest”, but I’ll have to do some more research into them. 😉

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