General Update!

After doing the 777 writing challenge, I discovered I need to do some more work regarding my first chapter and the issues I have with tenses etc. Sigh…more work for me, then!

Anyhow, there’s lots going on here (to be fair, when isn’t there!) and it’s all go, go, go!! The writing is progressing quite well despite the daily distractions that come with animals, kids and all of that!! I’ve been getting in a good few hours of editing done for my novel, Wolf Born, and it looks like I’ll have completed by my deadline of August 2015, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to snatch a freelance editor to help sift through the pages and let me know what needs changing or if there are any weaknesses in the plot and so on.

For future projects I’ll be making sure to have an editor in place beforehand and setting myself some strict deadlines to make sure there’s no slacking on my part! 🙂

Once editing is complete, then I’ll be looking to self-publish and see how it goes!

As for marketing, which is important whichever path a writer takes, I’ve commissioned some artwork and am looking into sorting certain little projects that for now are a slow-burning secret at the back of my mind!

I’ve gained a lot of insight and advice from other writers over the past few months and have taken so much on board. I’m truly grateful to all those that have taken the time to lend a hand in the department. Thank-you all!

Now, I’m off to bake some cookie dough bites and get ready for a bit of a break!!

Thanks for reading!! 🙂


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