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Progress VS Reality…

I’d like nothing better than to write, draw, paint, make jewellery, improve my sowing skills, learn leather working, understand more of Steampunk, go to more conventions and take more holidays…Well, you get the idea…I’d love to do all the things I enjoy so much, but I know that I have responsibilities at home that often take priority over what I’d rather be doing! There are chores…Yawn…and things which must be done in order for our household to function and get on with the daily grind. I know I’ve said this before, and I’m sure readers will be fully aware of how much I truly dislike housework! Our home is a place where we live as a family, it’s not a show case for perfection, although on occasion I strive to keep it tidy, clean and a happy, warm place to be.

I know and understand the work that must go into life in general and I also have this mentality with writing, so I work hard and I write everyday. That isn’t to say that I find writing hard work, unless editing, but rather that I must get the ideas out of my head before I explode!! I think of new ideas everyday. I dream of my book. I invent new stories all the time and have to quickly write them down in a notebook or failing that a scrap of paper. I have a few ideas I had to stick in a book when all I had to write on was a mini bank statement!! I always have a pen in my bag, although I’m looking to get myself a nice Steampunk pen I’ve been admiring from afar!

My drawing and painting are secondary, and more of a hobby rather than a prospective career. I know full well that I am no expert in the field! However, I do find drawing and sketching offer the same as baking, they both calm me and I feel relaxed while creating. Sometimes with writing, especially when gripped by an exciting/dangerous/all action scene, or conversations which I feel need to be natural and more how people speak to each other rather than stiffly orchestrated! Lately, I’ve taken to really concentrating on the nuances of conversations, noting how people speak, but I won’t be adding all the pauses and errms!! 🙂

Right now I’m busy with Wolf Born, as most readers of this blog will know I’m looking to complete and find an editor before self-publishing. Advice given from a fellow writer suggested I should have booked an editor in advance, and now I know this, it’s certainly advice I’ll be taking on board, especially for any future projects.

All in all, I’m learning as I go, which I’m sure most writers have to learn as they go along  and find out more information and research into the whole process of publication, including traditional. I’ve discovered that neither option is an easy path to take and nothing is guaranteed, but rather than let that get me down, I’ve come to realise that is just life. You must work to make things happen. In my personal view, and from my own experiences, I know that not all things come easily and sometimes life is hard and kicks you in the teeth. All I do is pick myself up and carry on!

Luckily, I have a great family, with much kudos given to my ever persevering husband, who listens to my rants and reads my work, full of hope that one day it will be in print. A hope I hold onto also!

Thanks for reading everyone! More updates coming soon! 🙂


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