Stats and Wondering What Book to Publish?!

HouseofSept_zpsacc2c54f new cover Ok, well, a lot has been going on personally for me and my family, which has made it difficult to concentrate on writing, which I’ve found to be quite frustrating, to say the least! I don’t want to dwell on negativity because life is always changing and good things do happen!!

My case has been proven, for me at least, that life isn’t always bad. Going on Wattpad and discovering that House of Sept has jumped from 1.7K reads to 1,833 is amazing, and for a moment, left me speechless.

I cannot thank readers and followers and those who have found me on Wattpad enough for taking the time to read my work, vote and comment.

Never did I think that any story of mine would reach this level and I know for some it may not seem like much of an achievement, but for me, who only wrote for myself, it is gratifying to know that people have read my story, given feedback that is both professionally critical and have helped me bring the story to life.

It does, however, make me wonder if I should just concentrate on House of Sept and professionally publish House of Sept rather than Wolf Born, perhaps do them the opposite way round? I don’t know?

Both are linked to the same world, but on different timelines. So, it wouldn’t really matter if I did House of Sept first, whilst leaving Wolf Born until later. Wolf Born being a prequel?

Oh well, I’m sure I’ll figure it all out, eventually.

Again, thanks for reading! 🙂


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