Finding an Editor…And Finishing A Novel!

WolfbornWithSubtitle_zps19a1fbe5 Now, Now!! Don’t get excited readers!! Well, not too much anyway! I’m not quite done yet! There’s tweaking and editing of my own to do first before I take the plunge into my purse and dig out the funds required for a professional edit and proof read! What I’m trying to say here is that I’ve been perusing the web and various sites, plus Twitter links and suggestions made by fellow writers, in order to find a suitable editor to go through my manuscript and suggest to me what needs to be improved/changed.

It’s been a little difficult to even contemplate letting my work go off and be looked over by a complete stranger, but I couldn’t publish this book without doing everything possible to make it the best it can be!

So, taking a deep breath here…I’ve got two options so far. One is a freelance editor charging $35-$45 per hour for a full edit and the second, is a publishing firm called Skald and Raven, who do a flat rate for indie authors of $300 for up to 120,000 word manuscript, which includes full edit and proofread.

Right now, I’m chewing my lip over what would be the best option for me and whether either is legit, although so far, I haven’t found anything to suggest they are not what they claim to be. It’s just my general paranoia. 🙂

Given that I want to get my novel published by the end of this year, I’m on an actual deadline to finish and really have no excuses not to get it done, finally!

There’s also the issue of where to publish? What would be the best option? I’m thinking of Amazon first through Kindle with a paperback option for those who either prefer hard copy or don’t have a Kindle. I’m also considering self-publishing with other indie publishers as well in order to maximise exposure of my book!

I’ve got a lot of research pending on the whole self-publishing options and I’ve read a lot of other blogs, watched podcasts, scoured various websites, in order to increase my knowledge, which is seriously lacking in this case as I intended to traditionally publish back in 2005, but due to various personal circumstances and a few rejections from agents, I decided to rewrite my novel and also ramp up my creative writing skills.

If anyone self-published who follows my blog has any ideas for me then feel free to leave a comment!!

Thanks for reading!! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Finding an Editor…And Finishing A Novel!

    1. Thanks!! I had some feedback regarding editors and it appears booking in early is a must as some editors are fully booked a year in advance!! Right now, though, I’m thinking I may be behind a little in getting mine finished anyway!! Any thoughts? 🙂

  1. Sorry, should have made that clearer, what do you think regarding the advance booking of an editor, as I have no clue when I will have finished my own edit of my drafted novel, so am unsure how I could book an editor in advance, unless of course, I gave myself a very strict deadline!!?

    1. Since doing this post I’ve come to the same conclusion! Given that the Skald and Raven website was always under maintenance rang a few alarm bells for me also. I’ve since found an editor to work on my novella, they have a proper site, testimonials from published authors, who,yes, actually exist! It will cost me only slightly less than the amount above for 30,000 words, so 120,000 words will be a heck of a lot to pay out, but from what I’ve seen, it will be well worth the cost! 🙂

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