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Stories and Steampunk…

House of Sept It’s really hard to write some days. To get that motivation, the get up and go!

I really try to get writing in every day, whether it’s doing a chapter for Wolf Born, research or the sketching out of ideas in one of many notebooks! However, sometimes, I need a rest. So, I go onto other, smaller projects, such as making jewellery, reading a book or re-reading one I haven’t perused in a while! The thing is, my life revolves around books and writing, so I always feel happier when I’m doing those sorts of writing/reading related things.

Right now, I’m completing the edit for Wolf Born in order to get it published, which I think will be through self-publishing, perhaps Amazon/Kindle. The story is complex, something I just plunge into, and hope I don’t drown in the pages! The world within the book is changing and not always for the better. I wanted to put a different slant on the essence of Steampunk, without a world that was already immersed in that culture, but one that was being altered and changed. I wanted to reveal, throughout the story, the evolving nature of new technology, the supplanting of magic, the way myths and legends can be twisted to make a false reality, all this and more! It’s also to link Wolf Born to a project I’ve been working at on Wattpad, in order to one day have that on the shelf next door, so to speak. As I weave this story, it becomes so much more than the single threads it started with!

I’m new to Steampunk and have found some really wonderful people who enjoy sharing what they know and their love of this world/genre/sub-culture, or whatever its classification. I don’t have the ready cash available to be able to do all the things and events or buy the outfits, or even make them, but I’m slowly building up my collection of interesting artefacts, whilst delving into this truly amazing world of Steampunk.

I’ve discovered some great blogs, sites, designers of clothing and jewellery, and am feeling the tensing of my purse at the prospect of my potential spending! I’ve also found some really great books by Steve Turnbull set in an alternate Victorian Era, which were amazing to say the least. There are some brilliant authors and writers out there writing and publishing some intriguing stories well worth reading, Kara Jorgenson, to name but one.

I’m enjoying the way Steampunk has helped me realise that weird and wonderful inventions are awesome and well worth setting into my fantasy novel. It’s opened up my imagination even further, so expect quite a few strange contraptions, stranger characters and fantastical creatures!

Updates coming soon!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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